Monday, March 7, 2011

Sew Somerset Tweet Birthday Card

Okay, I'll confess....I am a year older than when I last posted.  Yes, I had a birthday.  But, oh, was it a fantastic birthday, as it fell on a Wednesday.  You do know the rule for a Wednesday birthday, right?  It means celebrating both the weekend before and the weekend after, as well as the week of the birthday.  That's exactly what I did.  Loads of fun, lots of ice cream, Boston cream pie, ice cream cake, a wonderful White Chocolate cake (homemade by our daughter Jessica), and top all that off with more Rocky Road ice cream.  Melissa cooked cheeseburgers for everyone, and I even ate two!  (She made them taste so good!)Now I remember why I do, in fact, love birthdays.  They make me feel special, no matter what the age, as if I were a little girl again.

One of the birthday gifts I received was the "Sew Somerset" pulication.  It's "the art of creative sewing with mixed-media".  (Any Somerset publication is always on my wish list!)  I was inspired by the "Beloved Birds" project made by Colette Copland ( A Bird in Hand blog).  I used her bird idea for birthday cards....

Here's a sweet little sign I painted for a special friend of mine...

My friend loves being a grandmother as much as I do!  There's a special sort of love you feel in your heart for grandchildren.  I'm so thankful for the joy our grandchildren bring....and plenty of laughter too!
(Linked to Naps on the Porch Metamorphosis Monday.)

Blessings!  Heidi


Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a handmade card. I don't always get one done, but whenever I do a friend is always so appreciative of the extra effort. I love your true!

Scrap for Joy said...

A baby in one hand and a cake in the other....what more does anyone need! I'm glad your birthday was spread out for lots of time to celebrate the special woman you are! Love your tweet card and sign...clever, clever, clever!

mimi said...

Happy Happy Bithday to you Heidi!!!! I am so glad that you had such a special time celebrating YOU :) Lots and Lots of yummy sweets and a sweet family to share it with. Yes birthdays can be fun...
PS White cake is my very favorite :)

Anonymous said...

sweet heidi-
gasp! i. cannot. believe. you. are. a. grandmother. !!! whatever you are using i want some. :) thanks for your sweet comments of nice to have a whole community of brave girls out there. xoxo

Amy said...

Happy belated Birthday Heidi! I love your birthday photo! I didn't know the rule about Wednesday birthdays so I will definitely have to implement that. And I need a copy of Sew Somerset! That looks right up my alley. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, pretty lady!!!

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