Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love is Sweet with Rhinestones

Because I paint each and every sign order as the orders are placed, I am able to paint just about any color I'm asked for.  It's challenging to match up colors online, I must admit, as photographed colors often just are not true colors online.  But usually the wedding or event colors blend well, and that's what matters.
Once in a while a buyer will request a glitter glaze on the lettering, as shown in the following sign:

This buyer also request rhinestones!  I had never attached them to a sign before.  I wanted to make sure the rhinestones would not fall off (with cheap glue), nor could perhaps be picked off by some sweet little 3 year old child! I asked Mark (my husband) what glue he thought would be good.  He knew immediately that I should use what is called "PRO CA Cyanoacrylate Glue".  It's make by a company called "Great Planes".  You can order it through Amazon if you can't find it at a local store.  This glue is incredible.  But DO NOT let it get on your fingers, it adheres almost instantly and permanently.
This photo (from Amazon) shows "THICK", but the one I used was "MEDIUM".  They also have a "THIN". (You can click on the glue to get to Amazon.)

Just wanted to share a very good product.  Again, let's review what NOT to do with this glue---let it touch your skin!!!

My outdoor photography....but inside?  I have some lighting issues....
Advise, please?  I spend a lot of time painting, which leaves me little time to actually photograph my work.  I have lighting issues (obviously!) and wonder if anyone has some lighting tips? I take most of my photos at night and use every light available, but I'm not satisfied with the lighting.  Please don't suggest photographing during the day, as here in Oregon...well let's just say I could never be a "Natural Light" photographer!