Monday, August 18, 2014

Marshfield Vintage Market ~ Coos Bay Oregon ~ 2014

We just finished up the 1st Annual "Marshfield Vintage Market", here in Coos Bay, Oregon! My daughter and I had a blast! We thank our families, friends and even neighbors who helped us.

Here's just a few fun photos for now...

 (Melissa and I at the show)
I have a dress form I dolled up for the event. I was inspired in part by the Junk Gypsies.  This was a two day event, and on day one I had a beautiful metal crown to top her off. Our neighbor/fellow vendor, Fox Hollow Cottage, (Shannon) bought the crown on day one:

So for Day Two I brought a red cowgirl hat:

I had a pair of boots at her base, painted pink! Someone bought the boots within the first two hours:
You should see me in my cowboy boots...

I had various signs set out, I think every last one of them sold!

Coos Bay wanted and needed an event like this!  The organizer, Thea Synder, owns Haven Décor in downtown Coos Bay. If you live here, or come to visit, please visit her store and say "Hi"!
(Outside the grand entrance of the show...
showing off a couple of our vintage trunks...
Jessica helped us with the one on the bottom.)
Life is Good! 
And I thank God for His blessings!