Friday, February 25, 2011

Chalkboard Friday!

(Old photo from my files. I painted chalkboards out of old picture frames
for our grandchildren.  They still love drawing on these!)
Please tell me you've painted with chalkboard paint as least one ti
me! If not, go buy a small can (not spray) and give it a try.  Before long you'll be painting walls!  Think of a section of wall in your child's room, then tape it off and paint it with chalkboard paint.  You should paint on at least 2 coats, letting each coat dry completely before you add the next.  Look for colorful chalk for your child to use.  I think YOU will be the one writing and drawing art on the chalkboard.

For Jessica's wedding I painted one inside wall of the little barn that we used for the candy bar and gift table area.  I loved this wall at the end of the night, so many sweet things were written, some funny things too!

( about the "tuck each other in at night" sweet!)

Most of this is still on the wall, after 5 months!
(Nathan and Thuy are getting married this April!)

Painting with chalkboard paint is one of my most favorite activities.  How about you?

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Have a beautiful weekend!   Blessings, Heidi

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing Red

I've seen Joyce, Mimi and others often participate in REDNESDAY in the past, but today I went to check it out for myself.  Sue of "It's a Very Cherry World" gives readers a chance to show off their red on Wednesdays, or "Rednesday" as she calls it.  There's a long linky list to explore, go have some fun today!

My RED is Ellie's baby shoe. Ellie is one of our two granddaughters, in case you didn't know!

This has always been one of my favorite photographs because of the contrast of Ellie's bootie and Melissa's ragged but fashionable jeans! 

In my craft studio today my red Annie doll pointed some red out as well:

What I've done (and you can too) is try to reuse ceral boxes for labels.  I took a label enlarged and reduced to several sizes, then traced on cardboard (ceral box) to keep around for patterns.  It's fun to cut them out of various papers!
(These labels are perfect for mailing labels, scrapbooking, journaling and many other crafts!)

Okay, I did see a little red today....when I found I had three large lacquer spots on a sign I had just finished painting!  Grr.... The only thing I can do is repaint the entire sign, at least an hour of work and a wasted sign!

But other than seeing RED today we've also seen WHITE, as in snow! 

Blessings!   Heidi

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Candy Bar Sign ~ Sweet Custom Wedding Signs

Wedding receptions are so much fun for a bride (and groom) to plan.  Lately candy bars have become popular, and no wonder as who could resist filling a bag of candy for a favor?  I painted a candy bar sign for Jessica and Craig's candy bar in her "little barn".  All the signs I painted for their wedding were on old blue barn boards.  I told her that took care of the old saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed and somethign blue!"  Jessica's friend is getting married and asked for a set of signs, also rustic.  So I used the same blue barn boards.

My nephew is getting married and they will have a candy bar, too!  I'll paint a sign for them that also reads, "Love is Sweet".  But I'll do it on a different background color as well as letter coloring.  I can paint in any color in any font!  All of this is because two people fell in love!

Do you have any good ideas for wedding signs for me to paint?

Have a happy and warm day!
Blessings, Heidi

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wheat Thins to Chipboard: Stamping Cardboard

How:   Eat a box of Wheat Thins, dipping each one into straight-up-cream-cheese.  Wash down with "Pom" juice, pomegranate juice (counters for all the cream cheese!).  Open up the box and start cutting shapes. (You know I'm kidding, right?)

This is Project Number 4:
           Stamping Card Stock with Metal Alphabet Stamps

When I asked for, and received,  the metal alphabet stamp set for Christmas my intention was to use it on metal, such as vintage silverware.  I was inspired to try this method by Melody Ross in her video for our Brave Girls "Soul Restoration" online class.  Yes, I'm a Brave Girl and I belong to the Brave Girl's Club.  Don't you just love that? We are in week six, the final week, and this was included in one of her final art techniques videos.  By the way, she will have a second online Soul Restoration class beginning soon; you can sign up on her website.  So in her video she used her brand of metal stamps, both artistic designs and alphabet sets.  As much as I'd love to go out and purchase her brand, I decided to try using what I already own.  Oh am I thankful for this metal set I received from Mark.  It works perfect.  I don't have any card stock, so I just used cardboard packaging from kitchen foods.  I've been saving every package now!  I have to be careful no one sees my stash and thinks I'm turning into a hoarder!

I used my precious and favorite cookie cutter, my Scottie Dog.  I traced it on cardboard, cut it out and then lightly wet it down.  Confession about my dampening down process:  I was drinking a mug of Stash Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Tea (Jessica gave me---it's so good!), and had the wet tea bag nearby.  I just used that to wipe down the cardboard to dampen.

I made a whole table full of these cutouts, but these are the only photos I have. 

The quote on the one dog says, "MY LITTLE DOG IS A HEARTBEAT AT MY FEET"  The other dog pictured reads, "I AM A BRAVEGIRL".  The flower reads, "WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM SO DOES HOPE". On the small scrap pieces I just stamped various words, such as BRAVE, LIGHT, COURAGE, JOY, FLY, PEACE, LOVE, SOUL HOUSE, QUEEN, etc.  Stamping just one word was easier.  Next I just inked up the edges.

News flash:  ***it's snowing outside right now***

The pictures don't quite capture these as well as I had hoped, but they do turn out really cool!  You can go on eBay or Stampington to search for Melody Ross's products.  You'll see her sets right away. 

Let me know if you try this technique, or if you have any other fun metal stamping suggestions.

Blessings, Heidi

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple and Pretty Spoon Egg Holder (from "Just Something I Made" blog) smooth, make the sugar slide right down...always on the lookout for altered spoon inspirations...

Oh my goodness!  I just found a wonderful Easter craft!  Or can you see cute little chocolate eggs on these for your Easter center piece? It could be used any time of the year, too, to hold deviled eggs, etc.  Once I start collecting things for a particular project it seems I never stop collecting! Such is the case with my vintage spoons.  The older and more worn the better.  So I'm always on the lookout for altered spoon projects.  I will be making this project soon.

Today I found what may be the PERFECT altered spoon project.  (Okay, second to my altered spoon refrigerator magnet!).  Cathe, of "Just Something I Made" posted this on February 5, and it only took me ten days to find it!  Check it out on her blog here:  "Simple and Pretty Spoon Egg Holder"

(photo coutesy of Just Something I Made)

(photo courtesy of Just Something I Made)

Now, rush over to Cathe's website and read more about this WONDERFUL craft!  And, while you are there check out everything else she's made.  You will be inspired.

Hugs, Heidi

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precious hands...precious lambs

Recently our grand-kids spent a day here, and what a full day we had!
We shopped at a thrift store for a few toys, went to the library, made lunch, read books, watched a few "Magic School Bus" videos (they loved!), played cars and trucks and so much more....

I wanted to draw some hands, holding hands, children's hands and more. Little Ellie let me use her hands.  We traced her hands using a red crayon.  Then I turned the photo into a cartoon...

 After asking on my last post about other icons that say "love" one of my sisters gave me the idea of hands, or holding hands.  I love that idea!  I thought I could get Ellie and John Mark to hold hands, work with that somehow, taking a photo, or drawing  But John Mark wasn't into my craft session, it was Ellie who continued to "play crafts" with me....

I folded a large sized brown paper bag several times, then traced Ellie's hands  This way I had plenty of her hands to work with quickly!  

Then I took them outside for a walk.  We live on five acres so there's always plenty to explore.  The neighbors on one side have new lambs so we headed that direction first.
It was a challenge for me to get two children and a couple lambs in the same photo!

Little precious!

Ellie talked so sweetly to these little lambs.

One of these came up and let the kids pet them, nuzzling on their hands!

To our back pasture next....we found the tree stump with awesome display of mushrooms...

John Mark inspecting a little pile of firewood I made.

Ellie inspecing my mole trap
(I am very careful with the kids and my mole traps!)

The kids inspecting a piece of the neighbor's rusted farm equipment

Heading back up to the house

Checking out a whimsical garden stake Mark had made years ago

Back inside and time to make some puffy sugar cookies!

Cookies always look best on a pretty platter...

Always cookies...
      Blessings, Heidi

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping it Moving....

Moving right along..... 
   I wanted to share a few links, projects, comments, love and more today!

First is my friend Amy Power's latest "Inspired" magazine! 

This is available only online, and though it has been free up to this point, she is now charging a tiny fee of $3.30 per issue.  Go to Amy's blog, Inspireco, to get the details on where and how to get this issue. Again, I just love this online publication!  (See my side bar for the Christmas 2010 issue, which included an article I wrote.) Amy sent out a challenge to make a cuff bracelet from cast-off shirts, which she's included in the Spring issue.  Today she even has a drawing for one on her blog! 

Here's the one I made after being inspired by the Spring Issue!

I first had to find a shirt Mark might not want to wear anymore (lucky guess-hope I'm right!)  I cut off one cuff, left the other on just in case (LOL)...

The cuff was way too big and way too wide for my little wrist.  So I cut it down in length and width, then sewed on a newer, bigger button, making the button hole wider, too.  Thinking of Valentine's Day, I poured out some buttons for more embellishments.  (I was so impressed last night when Mark told me when Valentine's Day is....Monday!  Usually it's the other way around!)

In my white buttons I found a little Scottie Dog button, which I used by cutting off the shank on the back.  I used a strip of my red statin pleated May Ribbon, sewing it down the center.  I used three of my favorite words, which I had printed on muslin, and sewed them on with my sewing machine. In fact, everything I sewed I did by using my sewing machine (fast craft that way!).  I even sewed on the Scottie Dog!  

I ripped and gathered some contrasting red cotton fabric to spill out the sides. Then I placed the words so that I could read them easily, like reading a watch! I'm happy with my cuff bracelet!

(I stitched everything on the sewing machine on this one.)

Several years ago I was able to attend Teresa McFayden's Silver Bella.  One of my classes was taught by Rebecca Sower and was on stitching and making a cuff bracelet.  I enjoyed that class so much.  Here is the cuff I made there:

(I stitched everything by hand on this one.)


Next up...  Melissa Runcie (Modabela blog)  is on week two of her 4-week online devotional called "Planted".  Last week (week 1) was "Sowing Seeds".  This week is title "Firmly Planted".  Melissa brings out new truths from these familiar Bible passages.  Melissa has a down loadable study guide, beautiful inspiring background screens for your desktop,  and offers an online discussion.  Check it out, and join in!

Using Christmas ideas for Valentine's Day!

(photo from Heidi's blog)

I've been meaning the share this blog post about the aricle I wrote in the Christmas Inpsired issue. Heidi, Vacuuming in High Heels & Pearls, wrote about how she used my methods and ideas about cookie cutters to make sparkly Christmas tree ornaments.  I still have about 27 more Scottie Dog Cookie Cutter Projects to finish up, and this was one of them.  You can still open up the Christmas issue, use the ideas for other holidays!
Just a question for some of you out there.  How do you manage to keep your blog post short? Once I start writing a post I seem to get so wordy, and add so many photos!  I guess editing is not one of my skills!  Next question, how many of you wanting to see more than hearts for Valentine's Day?  I know-- Valentine's Day is all about love, but what other icons could we use for *love*?  Inquiring minds...want to know!  I'm looking for some inspiration! Give me some ideas....thanks!   Another question I have right now:  How does a pair of glasses just come apart right on your face, and the tiny-tiny-tiny screw is no where to be found?  How does that happen? 

If you've stuck with me this far, you deserve a {hug}, you are a true friend!
        Blessings, Heidi

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Paper Dresses

What to do with a pile of brown bags, scraps of wallpaper, scrapbooking paper, old sheet music and more?
        Make dresses!

Cut out a dress pattern, (or use the one from my Dress Pattern Kit here):

Pile up some stuff to use:

Sew, cut, glue, stain, etc:

Hang on a line with miniature clothes pins:

These make wonderful birthday cards, if attached to a blank card.  They also are sweet in journals, write about what's on your heart.

Here's one I made for Halloween last year:

When I was a little girl we always wore dresses.  When we lived where it snowed we STILL wore dresses to school.  Does this tell you my age?

Have a beautiful dress-y day!  Hugs, Heidi

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making Cookies

Just like cookies, I can't get enough of these grand-kids!  Last week I said, "Let's make cookies!"  We had a blast, but after just one round of the two of them rolling the dough, I put the dough in the freezer (for another day).  They had it rolled so thin it stuck to everything!  I sent home the batch of cookies they made, I know how much their daddy loves a good child-made cookie in the middle of the night! (Translate: touched, rolled, hugged and possibly even pre-tasted cookies...)

I had to keep them

I don't remember what John Mark was laughing and dancing about, but we had fun!

Baby Claira is counting the days until she can get her hands on some cookie dough....
Melissa said she thought I was brave with those two kids and that cookie dough!

Poor Ellie, she takes after me with a sweet tooth that won't stop at anything!

Have you ever looked at a heart?  Really looked at it?  John Mark can say he has!

Ellie tried out three different rolling pins...

She liked the children's sized one the best!

Have you made any cookies lately?
Blessings, Heidi

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