Monday, February 7, 2011

Paper Dresses

What to do with a pile of brown bags, scraps of wallpaper, scrapbooking paper, old sheet music and more?
        Make dresses!

Cut out a dress pattern, (or use the one from my Dress Pattern Kit here):

Pile up some stuff to use:

Sew, cut, glue, stain, etc:

Hang on a line with miniature clothes pins:

These make wonderful birthday cards, if attached to a blank card.  They also are sweet in journals, write about what's on your heart.

Here's one I made for Halloween last year:

When I was a little girl we always wore dresses.  When we lived where it snowed we STILL wore dresses to school.  Does this tell you my age?

Have a beautiful dress-y day!  Hugs, Heidi


mimi said...

SOOOOO ADORABLE!!! What a sweet idea. A long cloths line of these tiny dresses would be so very cute. I will definitely have to remember this idea for when Kate and Emma come to visit again. I know they will love to create their own little dresses. Thanks for sharing such an adorable idea.

Roz said...

Cute dresses, I need to try this. I too lived where we had real winter. My school attire was a dress with a pair of pants. We had to take the pants off during school, but got to put them on when we went out for recess.

campwandawega said...

These are SO adorable..

Jennifer Juniper said...

It would be awesome to draw a doll shape on a magnetic board and play "paper dolls" with them!