Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Ring Bearer is now the Sign Carrier

It's been busy over at my Etsy shop, Everyday Cookies Custom Hand Painted Signs.  One of the new signs I've added has been wonderfully received.  In wedding processions the little boy used to always be the "ring bearer".  But often, because of his young age, he couldn't be trusted with the Real Ring, so he had a fake little ring tied on a satin pillow, which he may or may not drag on the floor.  But guess what? Something new!

The "ring bearer" is now the "sign carrier"!  How wonderful is this new tradition for the little man in the wedding?

I've painted many varieties, from "Uncle Adam...", to "Hey Mike....", and even "This is my Mommy....".   I'll paint whatever fits your wedding!  If you purchase just let me know what you want.

I hope all the girls had fun at Handmade U.  There's nothing like packing up all your best crafting supplies in a little suitcase then joining like-minded crafters for a weekend of fun!  New friendships are always made, and the crafting almost becomes secondary to the visiting.  Maybe that's how it was in the old days when the women would get together to quilt.  I don't quilt, but if I did it would be for the visiting!

Blessings, Heidi