Monday, April 14, 2014

Passion Week Booklet (Free Download)

Passion Week Booklet by Heidi Woodruff (c) 2013

You may download this booklet.  When you go to print, select "PRINT AS BOOKLET" from your printing options.

The following note is from the begging of the "Passion Week" booklet:

March 2013

Dear Friend,

Thank you for joining me in this personal study for Easter Passion Week. Passion Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday. As a Christian, Easter is the basis of my faith; it’s my shout of "Amen & Hallelujah!" to Who I put my trust and faith in.

During Passion Week in the year 2010 I went through a daily personal study of where Jesus was each and every day of the week leading up to His crucifixion. My purpose when I printed out my study notes (in 2011) was to share with our COTB (Calvary on the Bay Church) Bible study ladies the journey I went through , so that they could have a guide to do the same. Now each year I repeat this Passion Week study. That is why this is in YOUR hands now: my desire is for YOU to spend quality time in the Word daily during Passion Week. The journey led me through the final days that Jesus spent on earth before He died on the cross. For me. For you.

Although it seem like there’s a lot in this guide, you’ll find it (hopefully) simple to follow. To use this guide, follow the days of the week in the booklet. Listed on each day are the Bible references as to where Jesus possibly was, and what He was doing, a harmony of the Gospels. If you have time, go through all the suggested Bible passages. If you are limited on time, just read one passage. The second daily page is for your notes, thoughts and prayers. The third daily page is for notes I’ve collected, along with occasional thoughts and written prayers. Writing out prayers was something I had never done before, I found I liked being about to go back and read a prayer, rather than just a prayer list. (Not all prayers were written by me.) I also suggest you journal along with the study. It may be something you’ll want to pull out year after year for Passion Week.

Before you begin each day, spend time in prayer and communion with the Lord. I’ve included a communion cup; you can use any juice and bread/crackers. I take communion daily throughout Passion Week. Ask Him to guide you and to open your eyes and heart to truths you may discover for the first time. Or, perhaps He will open your mind to new applications for stories you’ve previously known. If you seek Him, you will find Him (Deuteronomy 4:29). If you desire to live grow closer to Him this week, He will be there with His hand held out waiting for you (James 4:8) You’ll know it’s His hand reaching for you when you see the nail scars.

I would also like to challenge you, if you have influence on any children (your own children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, neighbors, etc.) to take Easter beyond what the world offers, such as bunnies and eggs. Talk daily to your children this week, teach them everything you can about what Jesus did.

Establish in your mind and heart that this week is different. This week you will devote time daily to spend in the Bible and with the Lord following the Perfect Lamb before He was sacrificed. Be passionate about it.

May you have a fierce passion for Jesus.

Heidi Woodruff