Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Joy in my Heart

Here's some JOY around our home.  Every year I paint lots of JOY signs, selling some, giving some away, and keeping some!
Outside our front door:

Inside, on a window ledge, with the rain pouring outside:

Another window ledge:

 "Got Joy?"
This little mouse..... sleeping contently with the pending possibility of a dangerous cat , who is guarding his little home in the wall.! Is the cat ready and waiting to attack when the mouse leaves "home base"? Sometimes this is how I feel.  The danger of the enemy is right at my door, yet because of my Heavenly Father I can sleep. It's unknown to me if the pending enemy is real and ready to attack or not, or my imagination.  But either way I can REST IN THE LORD and TRUST HIM.
(Candyfleece, via Esty)

So, this Christmas I want to be like the mouse in this coloring picture.  Enjoy the season, enjoy the Reason, sleep in peace, live my days with the JOY that God has set before me!
Time to scamper off....presents to wrap, shopping to do, and cookies to make!
Joy to you all!