Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kraft Brown Paper and Paint Chip Sample Thank You Note Idea

The punch and glue dragonfly paint-chip sample card is at the end of this blog post...if you've come to my blog because of this photo (found on Instagram or Pinterest) I thank you for the visit!
I take vitamins daily, which worked in  my favor until the day after Christmas!  I caught a mean, lean, bug that parked me on the couch for a few days.  As I said, at least it was the DAY AFTER Christmas.  How to turn the proverbial lemons into lemonade? Make mine pink, please...

A couple things: The number one sweet deal was Netflix.  We have successfully stayed away from Netflix through the years.  But when you live out in the country and just need a movie, and you are sick, not able to drive to town to rent one (too much gas anyway!), Netflix starts to look pretty promising.  And throw in a month's free trial? 

I spent the next two days watching every episode of DC Cupcakes.  I have never watched the show on TV, I don't even know what channel it comes on or if we even receive it.  But I sure loved watching every show.  It was the perfect prescription for a sick girl, me!  The sisters interaction was fun to watch, as were all their creative cupcakes creations. 

The following Tuesday I was so excited when our daughter and family said they were coming over.  Someone to make cupcakes for---yippee!  I whipped up a batch of white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate whipped icing.  To. Die. For.    I had been researching how to make yummy cupcakes using a store bought cake mix, and was successful. My mistake: I sent the ones we didn't eat back home with them, so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat them.  I was sick with the realization that I just made the best tasting cupcakes in my entire life and didn't keep any for us!   Oh well, Melissa and family enjoyed them. 

The second thing I did while sick was to put together a sort of craft box.  When I was in first grade I had whopping cough (yes, I really did, not a fun disease).  I missed about a month (or more) of school but my sweet mother was creative in keeping me busy.  I remember the Brand New Tablet she brought home one day.  The pages were multi-colored, so clean and new.  I may have had one pencil and a few crayons, but I was in heaven: a new tablet!    So when I'm sick on the couch for a few days I make up a "sick girl" box for myself, filling it with pretty paper scraps, glue and scissors.

With the paper scraps, stamps and pink paint chips (I use a lot of PINK in my sign painting business) I made "thank you" notes for all the lovely Christmas gifts I received. I used a dragonfly paper punch and punched a row of dragonflies (fly, flies?), gluing them onto fold brown Kraft paper scraps, cut to fit envelopes.  I used white stamping ink to stamp the "THANK YOU", as the white pops off the brown paper.  I called this my "Ombre Thank You Notes" and posted it to Instgram and Pinterest, attracting some attention!  Which is always fun. After this note tag was posted I had about a bajillion new followers to my Pinterest "Paper Love" board

The dragonfly punch is by Martha Stewart. It was a gift given to me by my sister a few years ago. I checked with her and she said she purchased it at Ross.  Since then I've checked and found this is a discontinued punch. But...there's always eBay!  You could use any design punch to get the same results.
Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings, Heidi