About Heidi Woodruff of Everyday Cookies

Heidi Woodruff is an everyday crafter.  If she doesn’t create something each and every day she hasn’t really put in a full day.  Heidi enjoys crafting at her family home, which she calls “Sweet Woodruff Acres”, using her home as her backdrop for all variations of craft projects.  When her two girls were very young, she started up a successful home business (lumber wholesale) to enable her to work from home.  Now almost 24 years later, both girls are married, and Heidi even has 3 grandchildren.  She still works from home, keeping one foot in her office and the other in her craft room!  Heidi and Mark, her husband of almost 33 years, live on the southwestern Oregon coast.  It was Mark who taught Heidi how to run all the power tools in his shop, which is where she makes the wood blanks for the signs she paints.  Heidi loves to “have a cookie everyday”--just one is all you need.  And, if you can’t eat a cookie, treat yourself to something good!