Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just checking in!

Just wanted to pop in and say "hi"!

One of my sisters and I drove 10 hours south to visit family a couple weeks ago. I ended up at the piano playing "No Never Alone" and was quickly joined in by my father and mother!  That song was one of my favorite hymns when I was about 10 years old. I can still remember singing it at the Sunday night "Singspirations". I know that even in times when things feel dark I am NEVER alone as God is always with me!  It was fun playing it with my dad on the guitar.

In the few days I was out of state there was a huge SNOW storm here.  (Mark took the above photo of the front of our place.)  We were without power and phone lines for a few days.  And I missed it all!

The weekend I returned Mark and I went to the lighthouse at the ocean bar to see how it looked out there after all the flooding we had here.  There was so much drift wood, and the ocean was full of more logs and stuff coming out of the opening of the river.  There was even a dairy cow washed up on the beach.  I took some photos, as it had a tag/ID number on the ear, in case I could let the dairy owner know where the cow ended up.  This isn't the first time we've seen a cow washed ashore.

Then there's the three grandchildren....here's Ellie & Claira in the middle of a sweet tea party.  Ellie said, "I'm so glad Claira is old enough to have a tea party now!"

Claira absolutely loves having her photo taken!

This is John Mark, just after his first ever school program! (Kindergarten!) It was also his day day of being 5 years old.  Now he is 6!  He's one of the sweetest boys you'd ever meet!  We had a wonderful birthday party for him here this past weekend. Load of fun!

"Happily Ever After Starts Here"...a sign I painted for a wedding we're going to next month!
I've been busy painting signs for my Etsy store orders!

Blessings & hugs, Heidi