Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Little Monkey's Jumping On The Bed

What's a grandma to do when it's raining outside? (Day after day?)
Yes, just let the monkeys jump on the guest bed! Luckly none fell off!  The balloons added a fun effect, I think they were trying to jump on the balloons ON the bed! This is their idea of fun!

I've been making cards from fabric scraps, stamped muslim, lace and ribbon scraps and more!  This one pictured was a test card, so you'll notice the stitching is a little off!  I stitch everything on the large fabric scrap, then when that's finished I stitch it to the card, inking up the edges for a vintage look.  I found it's easier to put a bit of glue on the card before I stitch the fabric, otherwise it tends to move on me!

This was a special order sign I sold on Etsy.  The buyer wanted every letter painted in different colors!  I wasn't sure at first how it'd look, but when I completed it I just loved it!

Lot's going on here at Sweet Woodruff Acres!  I'm loving everything that's blooming now, especially my lilacs.  Ummmmm....the scent is heavenly!

Hugs, Heidi