Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two by Two

Seems I'm seeing everything two by two these days:
           (Loads of photos today, not in any order or reason...)

-Two grandchildren, always bring us smiles and laughter:

(I like to set up a table for them to "play" school)

(John Mark was climbing the tree after Pancho)
(wearing Auntie Jessica's shoes...she was practicing being a flower girl)

-Two new family members arriving soon, new granddaughter and new son-in law

(Melissa is due September 12)

(Craig is always willing to help)
-Two flower girl dresses had to be sewn and and now are ready to be hemmed

(Jessica picked the floral lace from my stash of vintage laces, it matched perfectly)
-Two dresses to alter, mine and a one of the bridesmaids
(hey, what's that second black dress?  who is that for?  guess just an extra, just in case!)
(the center dress is mine)

-Two obelisks repainted and ready for the outdoor wedding.  Mark made these exactly nine years ago for Melissa and Kris's wedding:

-Two benches repaired and painted for the outdoor wedding.  These we made also nine years ago from old bed headboards, again for Melissa's and Kris's wedding:
(I'll make a matt like the one below)

-Two plastic flower pots faux painted for fern for ceremony.

-Two pair of shoes to select from, which ones will I wear depends on if I hem my own dress too short.

-Two people flying in from the Carolina's for the wedding; David from NC, and Jordon from SC.  Cool, huh?
(Jessica's college roommate, Jordon)

(our brother-in-law, David)

-Two new kittens here at Sweet Woodruff Acres.  We all agree there are the best and sweetest kitties we've ever had.  Names, you ask?  Pancho and Cisco.  They sleep with our lab at night, and nap in his paws by day.  I always wanted cats that would sleep with our dog!  Adorable, lovable and are have already taken up their responsibilities even at such a young age.  (Skip this if your skittish.....)  One small rat and one mouse already caught!

-Two by two signs to paint (another four due out by tomorrow)

-Two postage stamps were needed to send out the pocket fold invitations made

Okay....now do you see why I can't seem to find time to blog?
I do love your visits, and I do sneak around to visit your blogs!

What is your "two by two" project this summer?

Hugs, Heidi