Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

One of my favorite things to pull out of my Christmas storage boxes are the fun little bottle brush trees.  They were originally sold to accompany small Christmas village display sets.  These little trees are so fun, singular or in sets of 3 or more! You can set up your own mini forest.  You can bleach them, though I never have.  You can dye them in various colors, though I've never done that either!  A quick search on Pinterest will give you loads of ideas of ways to display them at Christmas.



But one thing I've noticed now is that they sell these with the most cheap plastic bases!   I quickly remedied that by pulling off the plastic base (sometimes you have to twist them off, like unscrewing them), and popping them into round wood slices I cut from branches around our property.

You can even drill two or three holes in one wood base and
have a mini forest right there!

Posting this after Christmas isn't going to help you know, but save this idea for next year!

Interesting note: these are called "bottle brush" trees because that's how they began, as BOTTLE cleaners!

Enjoy your little treasures!

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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Great transformation, Heidi! My sister has bleached so many of the little bottle brush trees - long before they were selling them in so many colors!