Sunday, February 13, 2011

Precious hands...precious lambs

Recently our grand-kids spent a day here, and what a full day we had!
We shopped at a thrift store for a few toys, went to the library, made lunch, read books, watched a few "Magic School Bus" videos (they loved!), played cars and trucks and so much more....

I wanted to draw some hands, holding hands, children's hands and more. Little Ellie let me use her hands.  We traced her hands using a red crayon.  Then I turned the photo into a cartoon...

 After asking on my last post about other icons that say "love" one of my sisters gave me the idea of hands, or holding hands.  I love that idea!  I thought I could get Ellie and John Mark to hold hands, work with that somehow, taking a photo, or drawing  But John Mark wasn't into my craft session, it was Ellie who continued to "play crafts" with me....

I folded a large sized brown paper bag several times, then traced Ellie's hands  This way I had plenty of her hands to work with quickly!  

Then I took them outside for a walk.  We live on five acres so there's always plenty to explore.  The neighbors on one side have new lambs so we headed that direction first.
It was a challenge for me to get two children and a couple lambs in the same photo!

Little precious!

Ellie talked so sweetly to these little lambs.

One of these came up and let the kids pet them, nuzzling on their hands!

To our back pasture next....we found the tree stump with awesome display of mushrooms...

John Mark inspecting a little pile of firewood I made.

Ellie inspecing my mole trap
(I am very careful with the kids and my mole traps!)

The kids inspecting a piece of the neighbor's rusted farm equipment

Heading back up to the house

Checking out a whimsical garden stake Mark had made years ago

Back inside and time to make some puffy sugar cookies!

Cookies always look best on a pretty platter...

Always cookies...
      Blessings, Heidi


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Ohhh...this Post made me smile ear to ear. What a good Nana (or Grandma) you are. What lucky kids!! : )

Amy said...

What a wonderful day!!! Those little lambs are so sweet! (and the sheep are too...wink!)

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