Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping it Moving....

Moving right along..... 
   I wanted to share a few links, projects, comments, love and more today!

First is my friend Amy Power's latest "Inspired" magazine! 

This is available only online, and though it has been free up to this point, she is now charging a tiny fee of $3.30 per issue.  Go to Amy's blog, Inspireco, to get the details on where and how to get this issue. Again, I just love this online publication!  (See my side bar for the Christmas 2010 issue, which included an article I wrote.) Amy sent out a challenge to make a cuff bracelet from cast-off shirts, which she's included in the Spring issue.  Today she even has a drawing for one on her blog! 

Here's the one I made after being inspired by the Spring Issue!

I first had to find a shirt Mark might not want to wear anymore (lucky guess-hope I'm right!)  I cut off one cuff, left the other on just in case (LOL)...

The cuff was way too big and way too wide for my little wrist.  So I cut it down in length and width, then sewed on a newer, bigger button, making the button hole wider, too.  Thinking of Valentine's Day, I poured out some buttons for more embellishments.  (I was so impressed last night when Mark told me when Valentine's Day is....Monday!  Usually it's the other way around!)

In my white buttons I found a little Scottie Dog button, which I used by cutting off the shank on the back.  I used a strip of my red statin pleated May Ribbon, sewing it down the center.  I used three of my favorite words, which I had printed on muslin, and sewed them on with my sewing machine. In fact, everything I sewed I did by using my sewing machine (fast craft that way!).  I even sewed on the Scottie Dog!  

I ripped and gathered some contrasting red cotton fabric to spill out the sides. Then I placed the words so that I could read them easily, like reading a watch! I'm happy with my cuff bracelet!

(I stitched everything on the sewing machine on this one.)

Several years ago I was able to attend Teresa McFayden's Silver Bella.  One of my classes was taught by Rebecca Sower and was on stitching and making a cuff bracelet.  I enjoyed that class so much.  Here is the cuff I made there:

(I stitched everything by hand on this one.)


Next up...  Melissa Runcie (Modabela blog)  is on week two of her 4-week online devotional called "Planted".  Last week (week 1) was "Sowing Seeds".  This week is title "Firmly Planted".  Melissa brings out new truths from these familiar Bible passages.  Melissa has a down loadable study guide, beautiful inspiring background screens for your desktop,  and offers an online discussion.  Check it out, and join in!

Using Christmas ideas for Valentine's Day!

(photo from Heidi's blog)

I've been meaning the share this blog post about the aricle I wrote in the Christmas Inpsired issue. Heidi, Vacuuming in High Heels & Pearls, wrote about how she used my methods and ideas about cookie cutters to make sparkly Christmas tree ornaments.  I still have about 27 more Scottie Dog Cookie Cutter Projects to finish up, and this was one of them.  You can still open up the Christmas issue, use the ideas for other holidays!
Just a question for some of you out there.  How do you manage to keep your blog post short? Once I start writing a post I seem to get so wordy, and add so many photos!  I guess editing is not one of my skills!  Next question, how many of you wanting to see more than hearts for Valentine's Day?  I know-- Valentine's Day is all about love, but what other icons could we use for *love*?  Inquiring minds...want to know!  I'm looking for some inspiration! Give me some ideas....thanks!   Another question I have right now:  How does a pair of glasses just come apart right on your face, and the tiny-tiny-tiny screw is no where to be found?  How does that happen? 

If you've stuck with me this far, you deserve a {hug}, you are a true friend!
        Blessings, Heidi

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