Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeing Red

I've seen Joyce, Mimi and others often participate in REDNESDAY in the past, but today I went to check it out for myself.  Sue of "It's a Very Cherry World" gives readers a chance to show off their red on Wednesdays, or "Rednesday" as she calls it.  There's a long linky list to explore, go have some fun today!

My RED is Ellie's baby shoe. Ellie is one of our two granddaughters, in case you didn't know!

This has always been one of my favorite photographs because of the contrast of Ellie's bootie and Melissa's ragged but fashionable jeans! 

In my craft studio today my red Annie doll pointed some red out as well:

What I've done (and you can too) is try to reuse ceral boxes for labels.  I took a label enlarged and reduced to several sizes, then traced on cardboard (ceral box) to keep around for patterns.  It's fun to cut them out of various papers!
(These labels are perfect for mailing labels, scrapbooking, journaling and many other crafts!)

Okay, I did see a little red today....when I found I had three large lacquer spots on a sign I had just finished painting!  Grr.... The only thing I can do is repaint the entire sign, at least an hour of work and a wasted sign!

But other than seeing RED today we've also seen WHITE, as in snow! 

Blessings!   Heidi


Steve Finnell said...
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Scrap for Joy said...

Those red shoes are so sweet...I think I need a pair. (Maybe a little different style though :D)
The cereal box thing is so much better than buying chipboard, don't you think and we're doing our part to recycle.

koralee said...

I am soooo loving red lately....those little red mary jane type shoes are adorable. xoxoxo Happy Friday my friend. xoxo

mimi said...

Oh I love your red today. Those sweet little shoes are just perfect. Don't you wish adults could wear shoes like that :) I love your Annie doll too. I have such an affection for rag dolls. Something about them makes me smile :) Have a Happy Weekend

Lea said...

CUTE lil maryjanes!! And the Annie is adorable! Love the RED... and LOVE that room!