Monday, March 28, 2011

Making Birthdays Happen

signThe first thing is this:  Birthdays happen!  Birthdays will come and go...yearly, whether we want them or not! 

      Birthdays happen!

(me on my birthday last year!)

Let's kick up our heels and make them happen with happiness.  With style.  With fun.  With a bang!  It takes just a little planning to help someone celebrate their own special day, but it will be remembered always!  Do it!  Even if it's just sending a card or making a phone call! It's still March and we born in March need to support each other.  It's still feeling like a wet winter month here on the Oregon coast, and I know many others in the country are also feeling winter may not ever end. But a March birthday brings reason to make a party out of winter.  My birthday was March 2, and I think I've been celebrating the whole month so far. I have other family members with March birthdays, too.  My oldest sister, Sue, celebrated her birthday Friday.  And our oldest grandchild, John Mark turned 5 last week. 

I made up some party favor bags for the kids that included a set of water-color paints.  The kids used those right at the pizza parlor!  We all helped John Mark celebrate at a local pizza parlor on Saturday night.  It was so much fun!  He wanted a Thomas the Train party so Melissa made Thomas the Train cake!  It was cute, and very yummy (homemade cake always is!).  

After researching online the best toy for a 5 year old boy we ordered the "Stomp Rocket Junior Kit" (glows in the dark).  

Afterr he opened it we tried it out right there in the pizza parlor.  This was an immediate hit with the kids, I highly recommend it! Did I mention that parlor was wild and super busy that night?  There were several other birthdays going on and our table was close to the door. Every time someone walked in with a present John Mark thought they were bringing them for him!  It was cute!

A week ago Monday was sweet Amy Power's birthday! Her blog, InspireCo is the very first blog I ever read!  And what an uncoming online publication do you think she's about to publish?  Yes,  birthday issue!  Can't wait for the day she announces it's ready for viewing!

I think I'm about finished painting signs for Jessica's friend's wedding, this is the final "Thank You" sign:

I've run out of pre-painted old blue barn boards!  Does anyone near me have any old boards like that--I'll take them off your hands, pick them up, too!  Thanks!

Have a beautiful SPRING day!  ~Heidi


Scrap for Joy said...

I agree about birthdays....celebrate them all with gusto!! Seeing the pic of you holding the balloons made me are a walking party Heidi! Thanks for brightening my day!
(March is a big month for us, too. Daughter, daughter-in-law, my sister and a bunch of friends!)

mimi said...

March is a big Birthday month for us too. My Father in law, nephew,loads of friends and my Mom. My Mom's bithday is on Wednesday and I am so excited that we will be celebrating on Saturday. My sister and her family will come for a visit and we are all going to a fun place here in Pittsburgh called the Strip District. It is a market district with load of fun things to do. We are going to take her out for breakfast and shop at all the wonderful shops. It is one of her favorite places.
I love the signs that you have painted for the wedding. That blue board is wonderful!!!
Happy Happy Birthday to John Mark :)

Amy said...

Noodlebug and I both have May birthdays (exactly one week apart) so I have been anxiously awaiting Amy's new ezine so I can get birthday inspiration. I have to start planning Noodle's western-themed 3rd birthday party! (that stomp rocket is so cool!)

Hope you are well, my friend!

Crafting by Candlelight

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

That first photo of you is adorable. Sounds like you guys party with gusto!! : )

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday! You look great!

Sandy xox

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

A month long birthday sounds good to me! Happy Belated!