Friday, April 8, 2011

Love is Sweet

So much going on here, but through it all we are still looking for spring!  We've had another cold spell, I even saw snow at 7 AM yesterday.  Though the ground is soaking wet, too wet yet to even begin pulling weeds, the grass is so green!  I am optimistic that we'll see some spring temperatures this week, as I'd sure love to be outside working in the gardens a little.

Here's John Mark looking for Spring (wearing my Mark's hat):

My friend Christina, who is ubber talented, coordinated a Home Based Business Fair (North Bend, April 30)  and I will have a table there.  I'll be showing and selling my signs and various other craft items for sale.  That is if I can get a supply made up in time! I painted a few new ones this last week:
{{Love is Sweet, sign.  24 inches long.}}

{{Home Sweet Home sign, 24 inches long}}

{{Yes, yet another "Sweet Dreams" sign! 24 inches long}}

{{Love is Sweet, sign. 
Many people are using these for wedding Candy Bar signs!
This one is 16 inches long.}}

Another big project I've been working on is a Passion Week Bible Study booklet for the ladies in my Bible study group.  I started out with a week long Bible study for Passion week, for the ladies to "find" where Jesus was each day on His last week on earth before dying on the cross.  I did this study on my own last year, but this year I wrote it all out in a booklet form to share.  I am very excited about this booklet and am hoping it helps the ladies develop a fierce passion for getting closer to Jesus!

Finally, next weekend is our nephew's wedding!  So we'll all be in a caravan traveling down to California for the wedding and celebrations!  Jessica will be joining us in the long drive down, so it will be fun to spend some time with her (Craig, sadly, has to work).

Easter is just a few weeks away and although I don't put a lot of decorations up, I do always do some.  So far...unless you count the Beanie Baby chick-in-an-egg set out.  We've had the grand- kids over a number of days too, and I will always set everything aside to play with them! Here's a few recent pictures of them.
So you can see why I haven't been able to post lately.  But thank you for visiting and I always appreciate your comments!
{{Playing on the kids' table with some homemade playdough.
This batch was a little dry, but as long it was blue they were happy!
Ellie sings and talks...non-stop! 
These kids are sweet!  Love is sweet!}}

{{Baby Claira.  She is sweet!  Love is sweet!}}

Blessings!   ~Heidi

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Angela said...

Isn't it such a weird Spring? We all can't seem to put away our winter clothes yet! Have a blessed holy week and resurrection Sunday!