Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May I show you a few pictures?

May I?  After all it's already May! It's a been a while since I've posted so I'll just play catch up today.  My nephew's wedding was fabulous.  It was really a weekend-long celebration.  We caravaned down in trucks, vans, and cars, helping to make the long (10 hour) drive fun for the grandkids.  I had a number of surprises for the kids, and every hour or so (when they were in our truck) I'd try to pull out something new.   

But you can't keep a princess from her sleep...

The wedding candy bar that my neice and sister set up was a hit, as any candy bar will be.  I painted the signs to match the wedding invitation colors.  ("Love is Sweet" has been selling fast in my Etsy store!). 

Young and old alike enjoyed selecting their favorite candy:

Last Saturday I had a table at our local Home Based Business Fair.  What a blast to meet so many people and be able to show my hand-painted signs in person!  A lot of people asked me if I stenciled the signs--no! I hand-paint each and every letter!   I also had made up some wood totes (carpenter totes, garden totes) to fill with things for Mother's Day or Father's Day. I had painted a strip of chalkboard paint on the side, and included chalk.  I even sold some of my dress pattern kits, altered nest spoons and clothespins, as well as sets of Brown Paper Bag Scrapbooks.  I also took orders for custom family signs and other custom signs. 

I finished the Passion Week booklet-study guides and gave them out to a lot of ladies (about 45).  I shared the study with our Ladies Bible study, as well as gave them to my family and even mailed a few out.  It was a study of Jesus' final week before dying on the cross and was ressurected from the dead (Easter Sunday).  It was encouraging to see so many ladies really get into the Bible that week and become passionate about Jesus' final days.  They learned so much, we shared and encouraged each other and were all affected in so many ways.  I really would like to offer it as a download, so let me know if you have any interest.  After I printed them out (4 small pages per page) I could them down and secured the pages together with binder rings.  I may offer it as a (free) download on or, if I can get one of those to work for me. 

Speaking of Issuu, Amy Power's previous issues of "Inspired Ideas", such as the Christmas issue, are still available to view for free.  Check her blog to purchase the "Spring Inspired" issue  ($3.30). So many of the projects can be used other times of the year as well.  Soon, though, Amy will be releasing her lasteest issue.  I can't wait, I'll let you know when it's out!

Mother's Day is Sunday, whoo-hoo!  That means breakfast in bed for me (my Mark is the best!).  Just today I saw on the blog, One Pretty Thing, a wonderful collection of Mother's Day ideas.  They are good for adults and children, go look and get ideas now. I love that blog.  Here's a card she gives us link for:

On to more sign painting now. I hope by now you are getting a little more sunshine daily!
Blessings, Heidi


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

So great that you had such a successful show! Your signs are so lovely! The grand kids look so cute too!

Amy said...

You are such a fun Grandma!!! Love the photo of the little one asleep on the Princess pillow!

I love your wood totes! What a great idea!!! I have been looking for a small version of those for carrying silverware to the backyard for outdoor dining.

Crafting by Candlelight

Scrap for Joy said...

What a fun post. The wedding looked and sounded wonderful...the kids wide eyes sure tell a story don't they? Haha! Your signs were perfect!
Hope you did well at your fair...i love your tool totes with the blackboard are so clever!
I am finally able to sit and spend some time at the computer. I'm trying to catch up on reading my favorite blogs. I've missed everyone.
I am (slowly) healing and getting stronger. God has seen me through this valley and I'm glad to be on the other side!

koralee said...

Such a sweet post...I remember when my children were small and we had to go on long trips....I would wrap little gifts and they would open them every really helped!

Hugs for a great Mother's Day .xoxoxo