Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cookie Cookbook is Free! (A Prairie Flower Farm Download)

A free downloadable CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook

Here are my pages:

(These are the two pages Linda put in from me; 
I've added my cookie-girl watermark here)

Linda, of "Prairie Flower Farm", is so talented! Go to her blog to read about the story of how this wonderful CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook came together.  You can download the cookbook on her blog, and/or print it out and keep it right there on your kitchen counter for the Christmas holiday.  (Here's another site to view it.)

What is YOUR favorite cookie recipe for Christmas, or any day cookie? 


Have a blessed day,   Heidi


Prairiemaid said...

Heidi, thanks for emailing me! You are so thoughtful! I love the CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook too!

I am now following you! You have a terrific blog!

Cheryl (bloomwhereyoureplanted@yahoo.com)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks for sharing this, Heidi~! I'm going to go there and look at it. You are right, a cookie fixes everything.:) xo Lidy