Friday, November 5, 2010

Farm Chicks Christmas Book Signing

Today is the day, a book signing!  And if you're here, you're there, because Serena, (The Farm Chicks), is holding a blog-wise virtual book signing party!  All you have to do is go to her website, here, and place your order for her new book, "Farm Chicks Christmas", and she (and other contributors) will sign the book before shipping it to you.

***NOTE-The book order must be placed before 1 PM on TODAY Friday, November 5, 2010, for the SPECIAL book signing.****

The book looks fantastic, from the pictures and sneak peeks I've already viewed.  I bought Serena Thompson (and Teri Edward's) first book, "The Farm Chicks In The Kitchen" and it is one of my favorite books in my kitchen.  If her Christmas book is like the Kitchen book, I'm sure she's filled it with wonderful tasty recipes as well as fun projects and stories.  The first book, "Kitchen", included a cute stencil to use on our projects and I hear rumors that her "Christmas" book has a special addition to it as well.  The photography is exceptional and inspiring as I'm sure we'll see the same in the "Christmas" book.

You'll have fun shopping Serena's store, too.  Just look at the cute tins of lip gloss!  The girls would all love these in their stockings, I'm sure (hint, hint, Santa!).  I also adore the cute little "banner" stamp!

Be sure to add Serena's blog to your list of daily visits, she posts frequently.  You can click on her categories for special posts, such as RECIPES, where I often hang out!  Enjoy, you'll feel like you're sitting in her kitchen.  Soon, though, Serena will have a new kitchen, as they are in the process of having a home custom built for their family.

I've followed the Farm Chicks Blog since it was first opened, and have always enjoyed the quick and easy styling of her posts.  A couple years ago I followed her idea for little "Sweetie Pies".  Here are the ones I made:

(Sweetie Pies I made from Serena's recipe)

If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near Spokane, WA go to Chaps this Friday and you'll ge to meet my special friend, Serena, in person!

Blessings and Happy Friday!   ~Heidi

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Jill said...

I love both of my Farm Chicks books! Love love love them! ~And yes, there IS a fun surprise in the Christmas book~ sooooo cute!