Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick Thanksgiving Table Craft- Lift your glass!

Here's a quick craft for your Thanksgiving table: Name tags for your glasses. 

Grab your scalloped hole punch and a sheet of scrap booking paper and punch away! 
After you've punched out the circles cut a short line into the center of the circle, then cutting a small hole for the glass stem.  I usually make these as people are literally driving up my driveway for dinner so I just free-form cut.  But you can take a small round object (like the Bingo call out number I've shown) and trace around it to get a perfect circle. But it doesn't really matter, no one will notice if your center circle is a little lopsided!

Then stamp the names on with a small set of alphabet stamps.  My set is by "Image Tree" and are called "Antique Alphabet".  I love using this set, it's my favorite, guess because the letters are so tiny and cute.

Tag your glasses and away you go!

For Christmas dinners I use Christmas wrapping paper or even old Christmas cards.  Also, if you don't have time to pull out your alphabet stamps just write the names on the tags with a pretty script lettering.

For fun I tried punching felt in the paper puncher.  (Which is made by McGill, and is 2 1/4" diameter, in case you want to track one down at the craft store.)   The lesson I learned is that felt does NOT punch well in a paper puncher.  I will say, it did punch most of it, but it was not easy and I ended up trimming the felt with scissors to finish it off.  At that point it'd just be easier to cut the circles out with a scalloped scissors!  (In the photo below, the red felt tag was punched out, the white felt tag is the one I just cut with my scalloped scissors, which I love by the way.)

With felt (or even fabric) I could stitch on the names, and save the tags for other dinners.  Since it's family names for most holidays this would be fun to do.  Here's our a couple examples: 

Just an idea, but wouldn't a set of these hand stitched for a family with the family names be a great Christmas gift?  People really love handmade gifts, and a set of these would be greatly recieved.  I think I'll do just that!

Have a blessed weekend!  Blessings, Heidi


ps...  Our family's drink of choice is Red Robin's copycat recipe for
 Strawberry Lemonade.  You can find it by googling it, such as here or here or here.


Cheryl said...

These are darling Heidi!

Lea said...

Those are so cute Heidi! I LOVE those alphabet stamps too.... The Mark N Heidi makes me grin from ear to ear.... CHEERS!!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT idea!