Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Thanksgiving Table and a Giveaway

Here's a photo of Jessica from Thanksgiving last year!  She was scheduled to work that day and we didn't expect her.  Out of the blue she came driving up just in time to help make dinner and set the table.  Her boss had given her permission to come home for Thanksgiving.  (She was working 4 hours away.)  I'll never forget how surprised and happy I was to see  her!   So much has changed this past year, for one she's married now!  She's living 5 hours away now and again has to work so won't be home for Thanksgiving.  I'm sure she and her hubby (Craig) will set a lovely table and enjoy their first Thanksgiving together.

I know she has to work......but a girl can hope, can't she?  Repeat?  :)   Just thinking out loud.

Here's my list of things I wanted to talk about today but don't have time:

Thanksgiving Psalm 100
Dinner Table
Turkey Talk
Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

I'll be blogging some things mentioned above soon.  We are driving up to see the newlyweds this weekend!  I'm super excited, it's the first time we've seen them since they got married.  We'll have a fun weekend and I have lots of packing to do now. 

But for now I want to leave a *Thanksgiving Giveaway*! 

On Tuesday (November 23) I will randomly select one person from comments left on THIS POST

All you have to do is comment on "What you are thankful for."

What will you win?  Any sign of your choice from my Etsy store!


"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise.  Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."  Psalm 100:4

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Ashley said...

I am thankful that my mom is ok after her car accident.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

mimi said...

Oh my goodness Heidi I am thankful for so many things...for a God who loves me so much that he died on the cross for me..for a loving husband, for a wonderful son, for special friends, for our freedom...I have been blessed with so much I love this time of year when we reflect on being thankful. I just need to remember to do it through out the year. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.
your friend

Barbara said...

I am a little teary thinking about your daughter showing up unexpectedly last year. I am anxiously awaiting news from my son right now. He has been 8000+ miles away from home and I can't wait to hear from him. I am so very thankful that he is on his way home.

Pat said...

Visiting from BNOTP. Maybe your daughter will surprise you again. I am preparing my heart to survive Thanksgiving without my daughter this year as she is studying in China until Christmas.Thanksgiving is her favorite meal of the year and she is my biggest fan of my cooking!Lord willing, she will be home in a few weeks and we can do a repeat! I pray that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Scrap for Joy said...

I am thankful for all of the blessings that God provides..the best gift of all, the promise of eternal life through Jesus, restored health, my beloved husband, children and grandchildren and the family of friends in my real life and my blogging life...friends like you, dear one!
Wishes for a Blessed thanksgiving for you and whoever shows up ;D

Lea said...

What a beautiful photo of Jessica last Thanksgiving!! Your table is beautiful Heidi and of course I spotted the Give Thanks banner hanging in your doorway.

Since I already have been so blessed by your friendship and have a sign hanging in my house made by your hands, I wish to not be included in your drawing. However; I would still love to share what I'm most thankful for: Most of all, I'm thankful that Jesus is in my heart, and is Lord of my life. I can't imagine life any other way.

God bless you dear friend. Have fun with your family this week!
Holykisses xoxo

Amy said...

I will keep my fingers crossed that your daughter is able to surprise you again THIS year!

Heidi--You read my blog so you know I have much to be grateful for. Even though my family is struggling, I am thankful for a loving husband, a beautiful healthy child, a loving extended family, a job with health benefits, food on my table and a roof over my head.

God is good.

Crafting by Candlelight

Pam said...

Such a sweet story about your daughter. And thank you for visiting my blog. I am thankful for all the good health my family has had this year.

Bonney said...

I'm thankful for the holiday of Thanksgiving that reminds us that having family together is a true gift. It doesn't happen every year now that some are married but THIS year we will all be together and I can't wait!

Envoy-ette said...

I am thankful my husband is coming home after a 4 year military absence and will spend Thanksgiving with us in our home!

suzyq said...

Heidi, thanks so much for stopping by. We are having a terrible harvest this year but I am so grateful my family are all well and happy. We will have to tighten our belts this next year but I am looking at the positive - I may lose weight!!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

When so many are starving I am thankful that I have enough.

What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for the health of my entire family. Here's to another healthy year!
Thank God!
Would love one of your adorable signs. Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathleen said...

I hope you get the same surprise!
I am thankful for my son and dil who have blessed us with 4 little grandchildren. I am so thankful to be able to share the day with them.
So many things to thank the Lord for, everyday!
A blessed Thanksgiving to you, and fingers crossed!

melin said...

I am thankful for friends & family who keep me going!

Vanessa said...

I'm thankful for having a family that cares about me and that manages to keep on going even though my younger brother has passed away this year.

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Even through my struggles I know I have so much to be thankful for....a husband who doesn't give up on me, a daughter who says "I love you" with her smile and her eyes, two compassionate boys....

Sharon Haynie said...

What a great Thanksgiving story! I'm thankful for so many things-a loving Heavenly Father, an adoring husband, 3 wonderful sons, 3 wonderful daughters-in-law and 3 beautiful grandkids! Health, freedom, sunshine and wonderful friends!

Shannon said...

I am so thankful for my sweet husband and 2 precious little boys! They make life interesting,

JBlanton said...

I am thankful for so many blessings that the Lord has given to me in my life!

RoseMillsOhio said...

I am thankful for God's saving grace!

rosemills (at) bex (dot) net

dgmills said...

I am thankful that God has provided us with a home in which to share Thanksgiving with our family and friends.

Entertaining Women said...

I am thankful that I am a most special child of God...and you are, too. I am thankful that my God has given my life a live to praise and worship Him and to encourage others to live to praise and worship Him. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving wishes...I hope that your daughter gets the time off after all. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

Scrap It Girl said...

I am thankful for my Husband, who does soo much for me and the kids, I never tell him how thankful I am and how great he is! I am Thankful for all of my wonderful friends and my wonderful opportunity to do what I love everyday! Craft & Create!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am thankful for God's grace which I don't deserve but He lavishes on me despite of my short comings! And I am thankful that we have a beautiful little cottage to share special times with family in. No matter how small and unexpected things went this year we have a warm, cozy place to call "home"!

Thank you for your sweet Thanksgiving giveaway, Heidi! Wishing you safe travels and a lovely holiday! :)

heidi said...

From ROBERTA:Hi, Heidi--
great picture of Jessica on your blog--I posted a comment earlier today, but I guess i didn't do it write, 'cuz it's not there-----I said:
YOU!!! You are such a wonderful sister and I am and have been so blessed to have you in my life --- for 45 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Almost 46!)
Love, Roberta

Christina said...

Well, I might be too late since it's Tues. night but I'm leaving a comment! :) There are so many things I'm thankful for! Jesus and what He did for us, my amazing family, our health and all the blessings the Lord gives us on a daily basis, my church family (including you of course), and on and on down the list! :) Praying you have a VERY happy Thanksgiving my friend! I love you!!!