Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Craft Idea

A friend of mine needed some creative crafting help with a wedding basket she was putting together.  She saw an Etsy item on my "Favorites" and thought I had made it.  I told her no, but I probably could!  Then I did!  It was a set of "Mr" and "Mrs" ink stamped eggs in a nest.  She needed it the next day, so there was no way she had time to order.

I experimented on wooden eggs as well as various stones and rocks.  For the wooden eggs I first painted them Robin's Egg Blue, then stamped them.  I used "StazOn" ink pad for the letter stamping.   Then I just put them in a small next filled with shredded paper.  Oh, and added a couple little white feathers.  It was such a fun and fast project, and would be cute on wedding reception tables, or as a gift to the new Mr. and Mrs.

Another fun thing I've been playing with this week is Crayola brand "Window Markers".  They come in various tips and sizes.  I found a set at WalMart for about $4.  K-Mart had them, too, in the thicker sizes. What fun we've had writing on our windows!  I wrote a Bible verse out on the window above my kitchen sink, an easy way to memorize. 

Ellie was over the other day and she had fun playing with them, too.

Now a word about Pinterest...found this Pumpkin Pound Cake:
(as pictured on Pinterest)

It really is like having a new magazine daily.  I found this recipe a week ago on Pinterest and made it.  It was delicious!  Try it out.  It's one of those cakes that taste better great right out the oven and even better the next day or two!
(my cake)

Needless to say...Pinterest continues to rock!


Scrap for Joy said...

The "eggs" in a nest idea is great...I pinned it! You and Ellie sure had fun with those markers..I will have to look for them. We have sliding doors in our kitchen..wouldn't Charlie and Bam have a great time drawing on those?!
I'm sorry I missed speaking to you but your voice is just like your picture..friendly and warm!

Amy said...

I need window markers and pumpkin pound cake in my house right away!!!

Thanks Heidi!


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Looks delicious and I love the monogrammed rocks. That's a nice idea and would make nice paperweight gifts. I'll keep that in mind.

Hope you have a great week!

hometown girl said...

great that you made it too! it was yummy! thanks for visiting! susan