Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Falling Leaves

Just As much as I love to be outside in nature, you must know I always dread the end of summer.  Yet a few weeks later, as in today, I always realize, "HEY, Heidi!  Fall is wonderful, too, for it's own reasons!"

Colorful falling leaves are one of the top reasons!  The crisp smell of the air early in the morning.  The scent in the evening of the wood stoves warming the homes in the area.  So yesterday when I had Ellie and Claira for a couple hours (Melissa was doing a Mary Kay consultation) I decided to try out the craft Heather Bullard blogged about here.

I took an old dictionary I use for crafting and pulled out a bunch of pages.  Ellie (3 going on 6) helped pick out fall color to paint the pages.  We watered down our paint and used old kitchen cookie sheets for easy clean-up.

Painted pages...pages drying...

Pages ready to be cut...

Pages cut out in leaf shapes (I stacked them to cut as many as I could at once, as well as used different scissors).

In the midst of our leaf project Ellie wanted to set up the Barbie pool.  Only by the sink I said. (She still had a POOL of water on my kitchen floor!).

She brought as many Barbies (these are old ones left behind by my grown-up-girls; she even plays with the headless ones, she "pretends" they had head...really.) as she could carry to the pool.

She'd say, "Come to the BARBIE WORLD POOL!" as she'd drop them in.

Then she'd say, "Dreams really do come true!"  (She loves Disney videos, I guess.)

Then back to the leaf project.  We finished up, using hot glue for a fast project.  I tied up an orange ribbon and quickly glued the sets on that.

Ellie is a wonderful crafting partner!  Claira was napping or I'm sure she would have been all over the pool and the paint!

Ellie decided to work on her sticker book as they waited for Mommy Melissa to pick them up and take them to their cousin's birthday party.....waiting to go to a birthday party is hard for a little girl!

Mommy's here..........

...........Heidi's going straight to the couch now....LOL 
What a fun fall day!  I do miss having John Mark here on days like this, but he's a big boy now, in kindergarten!

Blessings and hugs,

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Anonymous said...

So cute! What a great idea to use the cookie cutter! Happy Autumn, Heather

mimi said...

What a wonderful fun day. I love the way the leaves turned out and what two precious little girls to spend the day with. Enjoy the Autumn season.

koralee said...

Adorable! Love those leaves and love the barbie pool....I so did that when I was younger...but uses the sink as the pool xoxoxo Thank you for visiting me

Scrap for Joy said...

Grandchildren are the best! I loved Ellie's face while working on her project. What a neat activity for you to work on together. Claira is getting so big-yikes! and just beautiful. I pinned this on Pinterest, too.

Fran. said...

Hi Heidi! Love your leaf garland! and it's always more special with the grandbabies isn't it? We have a grandaughter now she's 18 months! Love it!! Take care, XO Fran.

Lilla Kullan said...

So very cute..-) Stina

Anonymous said...

Cute ideas, adorable little ones!

Bernadette @ b3hd said...

Totally going to use the painted book pages idea for a wreath. Great inspiration!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

This is a great idea and I love the idea to use the pages. What a nice subtle background that creates. Adorable artist and photos too.

Enjoy your day!

Amy said...

I love your beautiful leaf garland...all the more special because you had such a wonderful crafting partner. If I can find my craft supplies, I'd love to make one!

Crafting by Candlelight

maijalepore said...

Hello Heidi! I'm finally going through my swag bag from Jenns event. Thank you so much for being a sponsor- the ephemera package is fabulous!
I wish you could have been there with us for the fun!!

Lea said...

Heidi you're such a wonderful Grammy! I loved getting to see you and Miss Ellie create together!! All the photos are wonderful... your girls n grand girls are gorgeous! I'm still giggling over E. pretending the barbies had heads. lol ATTA GIRL... use that imagination! lol Happy Autumn chickee!

Birds of a Feather said...

So sweet - I miss doing crafts with little ones - lucky you to be blessed with so many! Some day (not soon - lol) I hope I will be too!
Hugs - xo Heidi