Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Days of September

.......ah, the final days of September........

Melissa (oldest of our two daughters) is now a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!  If you need or want to order anything from her (help support her family!) you can order directly from her website and it can be shipped directly to your home. Here she is setting up for a party last night:

Here's she is during the presentation (with one of guests):

Jessica (younger of our two daughters) is officially the Cupcake Queen! She's just got the talent it takes to make cupcakes both taste yummy and look great! Here's a photo of a batch she's taking into her work today for a surprise shower:

Here's a photo of Jessica on Saturday when she was able to stop by home on her way to an event (with her new camera from her husband!):

Now....hang on to your seats....Mark and I went salmon fishing on Saturday...

(the Coast Guard cutter came in right next to us)

(the seaplane took off next to us)

(the bay was calm)

... and guess who caught her very first salmon? 

Yep, I did!  It was so exiting. It measured at 31 inches but we forgot to weight it.  We had fresh salmon for dinner Saturday night, then froze the rest in packages. 

Another September event, I ran my first "official" race!  It was our local Prefontaine Run, a 10K race (6.2 miles).  My goal was to place in the top 5 of MY age group, and I did!  I placed 5th.  I ran 8:48 minute miles on a somewhat difficult course, it has several "agony" hills! 

I am really loving these early autumn days.  A few of then were "Indian Summer" days, and now today the rain has returned!  And I am spending a little too much time "pinning"...LOL  Here's one I found, you can print out and frame:

And another:

Fall Blessings to you all!  Hugs, Heidi


Amy said...

Love that you caught that great big fish!!! Wow!!! And congrats on the run. You should feel so proud! I know I'm proud of you!

I'll check out your daughter's Mary Kay site. I could use some new makeup.

Crafting by Candlelight

Scrap for Joy said...

Wow-now you can honestly tell fish stories!! I bet it tasted wonderful! Your girls are both so beatiful, you wouldn't think either one would need any makeup at all.
Congratulations on your run...you never cease to amaze me dear friend!

Lea said...

Hey Chicky, I loved your post today! Your family rocks. Wonder where those daughters got all that talent? lolol Guess thee apples didn't fall far from the cute lil tree! Go girl on your run! CLAPCLAPCLAP!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!
AND THE FISH? WHOhOoO! Did ... ahem... Mark catch anything? heeheehaahahoohoo Or did you SKUNK him?! high5*

Cheryl said...

Cracking up here... that fish is as big as you are!!! lol