Thursday, September 15, 2011

Natural Love

When you live on the Oregon coast, where we get so much rain, you MUST not miss any opportunities to enjoy nature when it doesn't rain!  Hence the reason I have not posted a blog in a month!  Lakes, mountains, rivers, oceans, runs, biking, swimming and more have filled my days (when not working!).  I have a million pictures to share....(seems like a million).

Today is a very special day.  It's the 10 year anniversary of our oldest daughter's wedding to her high school sweetheart.  They met in junior high, and were married in September, the year she graduated from high school.  Kris is the hardest worker you'd ever meet, always the first one to help anyone in need--he's perfect for our Melissa! They have gone through tragedies (the death of Kris's brother and cousin), crisis, times of joy and so much more, but have always kept their eyes on God, both focused on Him, therefore always having their heads and hearts in the same place.  They now have three children and live on just under 20 acres out in the country.   They'll celebrate with a weekend trip to Newport, to take the kids to see the Newport Aquarium!
Kris and Melissa on September 15, 2001

On Sunday, September 18, our younger daughter and her husband (we have two) are celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary!  They met while in college, Corban College, and had the love of God, sports and movies in common!  Craig is the most easy going guy you'd ever met---perfect for our Jessica.  They also have already experience great sadness in their first year of marriage, the death of Craig's sister, as well as the joy of  new family members (Craig's sister's baby, and Melissa's baby).  We wish they lived across the road, but are thankful they at least live on the west coast just 4 hours from us.  They'll celebrate this weekend with a trip to Seattle, where Craig had proposed to her!

Craig and Jessica on September 18, 2010

Jessica and Craig's reception was held under a big canopy on our front pasture, the evening was magical:

(magical, with soft rain pattering on the top...)

Now a quick photo of our recent vacation...

Sunset....our canoe awaits us....this is just the cove of the beautiful Waldo Lake.
Waldo Lake is worth finding!

Hugs, Heidi


Lady Kay's Kitchen said...

pic #1: beautiful
pic #2: beautiful
pic #3 and #4: beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Your daughters are both so beautiful! wonderful pictures and memories!

Lea said...

Happy anniversary to the kidlets! Gosh does time fly or what?! I'm so happy they're happy and happier even still that they love God!!!
Your vacation photo takes my breath away. Looks like you and Mr. Mark had yourselves an adventure all your own! wink* Tell me; did white geese encircle your canoe like in The Notebook?! Please say yes. ;)