Monday, December 6, 2010

My Craft Room and Plastic Spray Paint

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The other day I was moving a few things around in my craft room (I showed in an "as is" condition here) and decided I could actually do something about my two little storage units. Mark gave them to me for Christmas years ago, and I love the little drawers on them. Perfect for the little things. However, I've never liked that they look like they belong in our shop. The other day it occurred to me I could just spray paint them white!

I bought a can of spray paint made for plastic. It costs a couple dollars more than regular spray paint, but it's really works well on plastic and is worth it. And, it dries fast, making this a one day project.

I'm very happy with the results, no more shop gray color. No more gray and yellow color. I will say that I do like the yellow and gray color when it comes to the shop. My favorite wood-working shop tools are made by Dewalt and that color on those are yellow. I could use a new Dewalt router, just in case Santa is reading this post today.

My family always teases me about painting everything in my path white....what color are you known for?
Now, maybe I should clean out the, on second thought leave 'em be!

Early this morning.....

Just a little sun every day makes a difference in my day.

This is a scene from my front deck this morning. Although it is cloudy, the sun was peeking through just enough to cast a layer of light across the hills opposite our little valley. It reminded me of the verses in Lamentations 3 about God's mercy and compassion being new to me every morning. Every single morning, no matter how my day was the day before, God gives me a clean slate, and surrounds me with His love. Cool thing is this, just today I finished reading Jeremiah, the next chapter in the Bible I'll start on tomorrow is Lamentations. Isn't that just like God to give me a visual like this sun ray?

Blessings, Heidi

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jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

What a great idea!

Lady Kay's Kitchen said...

What is the color you have on your walls in there? Whenever we get a house we want to do a blue/gray like that in our room. It's really pretty