Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Eve Table Setting

Gotcha!  Did you think I've set my table for our Christmas Eve 2010 dinner already?  No, this photo is from last year.  We always try to have a nice, quiet and relaxed Christmas Eve dinner. (Before the wild gift opening!) Last year Jessica made delicious smoked salmon, a special salad, flavored potatoes and deviled eggs.  I always make a yummy dessert.  I think I'll make a cheesecake this year!
My glassware is Princess House.  I love all my Princess House pieces!

My china set is by Noritake, "Spring Field".  It was discontinued in 1986 and my set is not complete. It's a game, I always look for it in the thrift stores, never finding it. One day I may be lucky, though, so I never give up. I know I can buy replacement pieces online at both Replacements and eBay, but both are very pricey.  
I'm trying to build up to a set of 12.  I have 10 plates, so I'm not far.  I'm lacking most of the salad plates.  I have tea cups and saucers.  Enough of them, anyway, as no one ever uses them. Except me....on Christmas Eve.....
Also notice in the background of the frist photo is my Christmas-December Advent countdown board.  I'm making one now as a gift, and will "show and tell" about it in another post!

What will be your Christmas Eve menu this year?

Blessings, Heidi

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mimi said...

Oh Heidi your china pattern is really lovely---hmmm Spring Field---now I will be keeping my eye out when Joyce and I go estate saleing :)
I am a post behind but I just have to say your sugar cookie recipe looks so yummy. My husband just asked me the other day when our annual cookie bake was. When I told him not until the 19th he said "That's too far away" I just may have to make up a batch of your sugar cookies--those are his favorite :)
We always go to my parents on Christmas Eve. My mom used to set a beautiful table when it was just my sister and I at home. Now that we are both married and have children and my best friend and her family all come we thought it would be fun to have a "snack" dinner. It is really fun to sit around and enjoy eachother's company and eat dips, shrimp, cheeseballs, and finger foods. She can enjoy it as well and there is not a lot of dishes to do :)
Hope you will have a wonderful weekend--stay warm

Barbara said...

What pretty china! I hope that you are able to complete your set. I just love Christmas Eve. We only have the four of us and my mother. It is quiet and lovely. Christmas Day is when the crowd gets huge. I haven't planned the menu yet. We usually do something like lasagna that is easy to get ready early. The turkey dinner will be for Christmas Day.

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