Monday, June 13, 2011

Scrapwood Bench

A scrap-wood bench....I have many in our home!  If I ask Mark to make anything, he will---I just need to draw out what I want, or give him an "inspiration" picture.  The picture below is about 3 years old, but it's the only one I could find quickly of the bench without spending hours on my computer searching!  (NOTE TO SELF:  Please try harder to tag your photos!!!  This makes it so much easier when looking for a particular photo!) 
(This was in 2008-my mother meeting my granddaughter, Ellie,
her great-granddaughter for the first time!)

What I really wanted in this bench was a sort of scalloped bench "skirt".  I love how Mark made it.  I painted it antique white, then simply wiped a blue shade of paint on all the edges.  Although this is a bench, I'm always used it for books.  Right now it's in our guest room with my Bible study books. It gets moved around our home once or twice a year.
(John Mark was so little...and so blond!)

We bought (cheap) a bundle of scrapwood from a little sawmill down the road. I've got so many ideas of things to make with this wood.  I've made totes and my rustic signs already, but have more things planned.  I never turn down wood!

Then of course I'll mention our headboard benches now.  We've made at least five of these, using the headboard and footboard (cut in half) of old twin beds.  This is the only picture I could find quickly, agian without a full-scale computer search!  I have one bench that I always use to when I photograph signs I've made.

Here's one of our outdoor benches, (photo from last year).  We didn't make this one! It's made of redwood and is about 13 years old. The children love to play on it.

(from 2010)

Have a wonderful and day, even if it's raining as it is here!
  Blessings, Heidi


Colleen said...

Both of your benches in this post are fabulous. I really like how you move it around on a regular basis. It's always so nice to have pieces that can be used anywhere!

Scrap for Joy said...

Oh Man...I wish you lived closer. I'd take several of those benches and one of the headboard benches for sure! I had forgotten how blond John Mark was. Of course, my original hair color was that toehead blond...then it got darker and's a's blond again!
12....seriously? Good for you! What's your bait?

Lea said...

Girl, before I say anything I just wanna say Your Momma is so cute... I just LOVE that picture of yall! (She kinda reminds me of my AngelMother!!!)
Your benches are darling too! Love the one your Hubster made and the bedframe ones too. What did you make your seat out of for it? A friend of mine once took an antique very ornate iron bedframe and cut the foot part one in half and then welded it to the edges and made kind of a daybed out of it. They painted it shabby white and I've always adored it. If I ever find one that ornate I'd be tempted to make one as well.
So happy you got a great deal on the wood. The Lord provides doesnt He?!! whooHoOoo!
Holykisses! xoxo