Wednesday, June 29, 2011

red white & blue

How in the world can a month pass by so quickly?  Where'd June go?  Why can't JUNE be as long as January?  Now it's almost JULY!

(from a project I made several years was a "bits and pieces" board)

It's time to celebrate our country!  Happy Birthday America!!!!!  All things red, white and blue!  Our flag flies high and proud, we are a free country. Thank you to those who serve to keep our freedom.

Here's some clipart you can use in any projects.  Just "Save as" on your computer:

We'll be spending time at the lake this weekend. 

Can you relax?  Can you eat fun foods?  Can you just enjoy summer?  Can  you just read a book?
Yes, I can do all that!

Breakfast on the deck?


Fireworks over the lake, watching from a fun!....

Watching the ducks and sailboats go by....

Happy 4th of July!

Hugs, Heidi

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PS  For more 4th of July inspiration (crafts, food, decorating and more) go to and type 4th of July in the search bar.  Oh, you'd better have some time on your hands, the picures are endles!

( via Pinterest)

( via Pinterest)


~~Carol~~ said...

It always feels like once the 4th of July is over, the summer starts going by super duper fast!
I've always wanted to watch fireworks over a lake, because I hear it's spectacular. Have a great time at the lake!
Happy REDnesday,

Farming On Faith said...

Thank you for the clip art~ I will use it for sure.
Happy 4th!
Lovely post!

Amy said...

Love love love the candle holders! Wish I had known about them sooner so I could make some!

I'm waiting to post about my "you know what" from you but it is wonderful!!! Can't wait to share all about it!

Crafting by Candlelight

Neabear said...

A fun post! I agree with you. June went by too fast for me. I will need to come back and explore your blog some more. Love the name of it too.


SueLovesCherries said...

Ooh, lots of fun! Don't get a sunburn (or moonburn)!

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm sure that celebrating the 4th at the lake was magical, and I know you made it special for everyone there!