Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pinterest: Better than Flickr, or a magazine or Google image search!

My Pinterest page...

I had read about this a while back, but yesterday I jumped in and joined thanks to Between Naps on the Porch's personal invitation....I joined and I'm hooked!  It took me a little bit to figure the whole thing out, but I'm slowly getting there!

For an image-graphic-picture-thinking sort of girl like me, (I think I am even a image-hoarder) this site fits me to a "t"!  Now, instead of saving anything I find online to my "favorites", OR even worse yet, printing out pictures using all my printer ink, I can just click "PinIt" to pin to one my Pinterest boards.   I tell can find some fun photos here...

(from Pinterest)
Oh, another bonus is by using this site, I don't have to feel so guilty for being so inspired by all the creative people out there!  You can pin any photo, image, graphic, etc., from any website.  This is as good as the invention of sliced bread.  Almost.  My daily breakfast is one slice of bread and enough butter to know it's real butter....which led me to laugh at this one (orignally from Etsy):

(from Pinterest)

So, if you want to join, and be a follower of me (you don't have to), just give me your email address on a comment here, and I'll "invite" you to join.  If you want to go through the Pinterest site and ask to join I hear it takes a little longer.  Also, please let me know if you're already there, then we can follow each other!

(from Pinterest)

Let's see, now I'll make a board for our two daughters;  "Ideas to show Melissa", "Stuff to show Jessica"...oh I love this site!  (Both empty, for how fast I can fill them up!)

This is my first pin for Melissa:

(from Pinterest)

This is my first pin for Jessica:

(from Pinterest)

Okay, now, are you in for it or what?


Lea said...

I want to play! What do I do?

Anonymous said...

Of course mine is of food! :) Food or fashion and I'm happy!

Deb Saviano said...

This is the perfect example of how we can learn something NEW Everdyday!
Thanks for being the Teacher today.
I have signed up with you so looking forward to the invite.
Hugs and more Hugs

Scrap for Joy said...

I have no idea how to do this but it looks like fun so I'm game. That cookie dough bowl looks awesome!

Amy said...

I've been using Pinterest for a few weeks now and it is so addictive!!! Love that Paula Deen sign!

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