Monday, October 7, 2013

Lea's Apple Prayer Bread Recipe

  (Ceramic bowl made by Jessica in 2002- high school pottery class!)

 I finally found the Apple Prayer Bread recipe. I had hoped to find it on Leas blog or saved on one of my computers, that way I could give you the link or copy and paste. But I only found my original hard copy. So I just took a photo of it for you. (Someday I will retype it, but it's just so charming directly from Lea, a dear friend at the blog, "Shabby Olde Potting Shed".)

She lines her loaf pans with cinnamon sugar before pouring the batter in them.  This makes a sweet and tasty crust!

I'm posting this via my iPhone and I have a lot to learn on posting this way. to insert links. I'll just come back on my big girl computer to do that.  {{edited 10/8/13--completed!}}

On Saturday after I uploaded the .2 iPhone iOS (I had already done ios7) my phone crashed and I lost everything. Note to self- use the iCloud! I rebuilt everything except my contacts. So if you get a chance and know me... Please send me your contact information! (Or there will be no more random surprises from me! Lol)  
{{edit note 10/8/13--"Billy" at Apple was fantastic to help me recover my contacts, some photos and more.  Fabulous phone help! Also, the AT&T folks recovered my voice message system, too!   Can you say now I use iCloud??!!!}}

Have a blessed day and remember:
   Everyday Counts!

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Lea said...

awwwww.... you just made my heart all squooshy inside Heidi! How did your bread turn out?!!! I hope really well! Glad you got things straightened out with your phone too... honestly you were talkin a lingo I don't understand yet. You're so tech savvvvvy! Really!
Hope you have a wonderful day today... you are such a blessing to me.