Thursday, October 3, 2013

FALL-ing Deeper

I'm falling completely into the season!
             Here's just a few of the reasons....
-- Love the crispy nights when we can burn wood in our woodstove; I also enjoy the simple process of cutting and splitting firewood

--Love seeing all the apple trees all around loaded with abundant fruit
         (loved reading someone in the paper offering apples for anyone that wants to come pick)

--Love our McIntosh apple tree, also loaded

--Love decorating our porch and our entryway with signs, pumpkins, sunflowers and more
(notice the wooden slate wall hanging...we found it last year on the beach after a storm!  I let it dry out for's perfect for the entry way)

--Love making Lea's "Apple Prayer Bread"  (this is my FAVORITE bread recipe)
                      will add when I find it!

--Love that the new season of my favorite show has begun (Amazing Race--though I missed the very first show because of a big storm we had which knocked out our power for two nights in a row, about 8 hours each night)...and did you know? I've always wanted to be a contestant on Amazing Race!

--Love that fall is salmon season and I caught one already (in our bay from our boat)

--Love that we live less than 5 minutes from the slough where I can fish from the bank for salmon (one of my goals this year is to catch one from the bank--not happening...yet!)

--Love that I don't feel guilty for sitting on the couch after dinner (as opposed to summer nights were we tend to stay outside until the sun sets, which is close to 10 PM on the longest days here)...or just make crafts, like this "Booo" pillow I made for Jessica (our daughter) was inspired by the Pottery Barn "Booo" pillow

--Love shopping trips with the girls...JFF  (just for fun)

--Love that I can get serious about crafting Christmas gifts now; in fact, I'd better get with it as Christmas is now 82 days from now!   WHAT IS IT NOW?  CHECK YOURSELF!

--Love visits from the grandchildren, including the special weekend they stayed with us!

Goodness gracious....there was so much more I'd love to post, but have run out of time!
Please enjoy each and every day, love your family and be kind!
Blessings, Heidi


Scrap for Joy said...

Sweet hHeidi,
Your life is full, happy and blessed and you bring joy to all around you, too.
I love the colors and flavors of Fall, too. I have been eating an apple every day (we get honeycrisps here) I love the summer fruits bur when apple season starts, I dive in! The leaves are starting to change here and I have been modpodging them...have you ever tried that. Use Modpodge on both sides of the leaves (I use the matte finish) and let them dry...the leaves feel like soft leather. I'm also into white pumpkins (gourds) this year.
I'm always happy to see when you've posted!!

Lea said...

So much happiness and joy at your house. I can't get over that fish! That's alot of meat right there!
Your grands are growing up way to fast.... ohmygoodness...
The BOO pillow is awesome! What are you craftin up now???