Friday, December 14, 2012

Love the Children

My mind just can't grasp the facts, my heart aches at the news, and my soul cries out for the children (and adults) killed today.  I'd like to share a portion of what one of my friends wrote:

In our time of dispair, it is my hope that we, as a a world can remember to be the light in the darkness. To show the love, and compassion. To embrace our friends, and family. To reach out to those we meet. To put down our phones, laptops, and ipads, and fully connect with those around us. Be aware......offer help....offer love. There is so much mental illness in our world. So many people who feel lost....helpless....hopeless....and angry. We must be part of the solution. Our children are counting on us.
We must love our children. All the children in our lives.  Please, try harder if you must, but love...

My JOY of the day was spending time helping to decorate gingerbread houses!  For the past several years I've held Gingerbread House Making parties here in our home (for all our grandchildren and any other children I could gather!).  But this year Melissa put on a party at her church for the mommies and children so I went to help and bring more children! 

When I walked in the door our granddaughters came running up to me, "Grandma!"  I grabbed them and hugged and kissed and just loved on them.  Their sweet smiles and voices filled my heart with JOY.

(Melissa with Claira, who was chowing down on candy!)
We ate candy, decorated the houses and even had lunch served to us (those Bridge gals are the best!).  Most of the children were young, the older ones were in school, so the houses were extremely loaded with candy! I had to laugh when I realized how long they took "decorating", piece by piece to get their houses looking perfect, when at a glace it look like a mound of candy!

Ells-Bells loved all the candy, too!  But she worked hard on her house,consentrating on her "work" and did a good job limiting her candy intake.  I will admit: at one point I caught her sucking on icing tube....LOL

Pure JOY for this grandma to be here today with the children....
Blessings and love to you.

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Cindy said...

The children are our hopes and our future and we should never forget that. Read this post on Christmas holiday fun for the family by making and decorating homemade sugar cookies.