Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Family Countdown Calendar Board

Years ago Melissa and I made Christmas Family Photo Countdown Calendar boards.  Mark cut the pine boards, cutting the corner rounds.  We painted the edges green then Melissa and I decoupaged pages from a vintage cookbook (picking the sweets pages) and then antiqued it a little with stain. We used wooden letters for "FAMILY", glittering them first.  We painted "Tis the Season for..." with black paint, but you could easily use a black Sharpie marker.

We went through our photos and cut out pictures of family, gluing them on scrapbook paper, then attaching eyelets with our Cropadiles.  I made a grid of paper, evening distributing the marks for the nails to line up perfectly, then nailed them on the boards (after the board dried) for the photos to hang from. I just used small nails we had in the shop.

This has been one of our favorite Christmas projects ever.  It's timeless...well almost, we have new additions to the family since we made them.  But you could switch out the photos every couple years.  The year Jessica and Craig were married I made a Family Christmas Countdown board for them, using photos from the years they had dated and from their wedding! 

Tonight while doing my Pinning "work"  (LOL!) I saw one of my sisters had pinned this Christmas craft!  I immediately knew what year it was and where to find the instructions (on a ripped out magazine page in my "save" drawer~). But now days we don't have to rip out magazine pages, we can just pin on Pinterest

You can find the directions from BHG here:  Family Photo Christmas Countdown.  Here is their version on of the board:

Still getting our Christmas decorations out and up.  Mark put up the outdoor lights today.  I've got a good start on my theme colors for the year, "black, white and red all over".  Here's a wall set I put together:

Have a blessed Sunday! ~ Heidi

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Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Your calendar boards are beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing them!!!

Amy said...

What a lovely idea!!! If we had a bigger family I would absolutely do that!!!