Saturday, June 30, 2012

Repurposed Wood

Just so you know....Pinterest rocks!  Real quick...I wanted to share with you a wonderful repurposed Pinterest board that the pinner has loaded with repurposed wood projects.  I have made many of the headboard turned benches in the past, and there are links for a lot of those. 
(from Pinterest)

Here's a bench I made...(with Mark's aid when necessary)...and a barnwood sign I made for a wedding.  I photograph ALL my signs on a these homemade repurposed benches for my Etsy store!
(my photo)

My daughter (Melissa) just made her crib, used for all three of their children, into a fabulous black patio bench.  There are pins for crib projects on this Pinterest blog.
(from Melissa's photos)

Down the road we have a big pile where people have thrown stuff to be burned (not us, we burn here on our own property).  Someone must have been remodeling their home as one day I found a bunch of old doors.  So I loved all the door project on this "Repurposed Love" board. Can't wait to make something, anything!

Maybe this....
(from Pinterest)

Or this...
(from Pinterest)

I just love this project, I've wanted one of these for years and years:
(from Pinterest)

Last week at CSI (Create Something Inspiring) the "challenge" of the week was "wood projects".  Check out the winner and some other great projects here.

Just wanted to give you some Saturday morning wood projects inspiration! something!
         Blessings, Heidi


Amy said...

THanks for the inspiration. Isn't Pinterest fun? I have a drop-side crib I will eventually need to turn into something new. (if I don't achieve my dream of one more baby!) Glad to know there are lots of ideas out there!!!


Lea said...

Heidi I'm so happy that you FOUND old doors?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet your heart was pounding out of your chest as you loaded them to bring home! haha! Isn't it the truth that one persons trash is another persons treasure! Yahooo! Love the crib benches... OF COURSE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SIGNS... and that door bench is really cute with the black wrought iron hooks. I hope you build one of those shelves since you've wanted one for a long time. I can totally picture that at Sweet Woodruff acres!!! WITH an antique LANCE jar FILLED with sugar cookies. Thanks for being my everyday cookie!!! xoxo Lea

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Wow, lucky you to live so close to a treasure pile!! Love your bench and your sign :) Laurel