Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What? Monthly? Not good!

I realized the pace I'm blogging is monthly now. I don't like that, but until I can get blogging back to top priority on my daily lists I guess monthly it'll have to be!  Anyone out there struggling with this too? Throw in way too much time on Pinterest....don't get me started on that distraction,...err...wonderful place!

So, a few photos of signs I painted in January:

For a precious baby girl on the way.....a princess, for sure!
"Our Little Princes...." with custom name.

 This is a must for all couples.....and for children and babies, too!
"Always Kiss Me Goodnight" (shown in black lettering)

 Home is....
where your horses are!
(A sign for a horse lover!)

 This sign was given as a gift. I paint a lot of this type of sign.
You can add any words, names, dates, etc.

"Love is Sweet".....this continues to now be my top selling sign.
I can paint it in any color and any font!

Ice Cream event coordinator ordered a few of these
signs for her event.  I loved painting this....wanted ice cream that night!
What else?  How about "Cupcakes"....can you think of a sign for a cupcake table?

Welcome to Our Home, layered over the family name, with the date.
I loved painting this sign, I've done a few and enjoy seeing the color
combinations the buyers select.

 Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...perfect for a baby boy shower!
Both the girl and boy signs in this set have been very popular lately!
Those sayings are making a come-back, I guess!

To The Beach......I have so many "beach" signs to paint,
but just not enough time!

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice......
perfect for a baby girl shower gift!

 A dream is a wish your heart makes.  A Disney sign?

See the three reasons I love being a grandmother?

Blessings, Heidi


Amy said...

I love the "God bless our family" sign. So sweet!

It doesn't matter how often your blog as long as you still check in. Love seeing what you are up to!


engagement rings said...

Love the images, home is where my horses are, and where everyone knows my name.