Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating and Restoring

Back in December on Where Women Create blog I won something.  I won a scholarship to a Brave Girls Club online class!  (The two sisters who created the Brave Girls Club come from a family of nine children, just like me--I have 8 siblings!) I had no idea what this club was, or what I actually really even won, but I was so busy with Christmas preparations I didn't have time to even out!  Then about a week ago my mail lady drives up to my door and toots her horn:  a package!  (You'd come to love this toot, too, if you had a chance! Don't you love surprise packages?)

The package was the initial kit for the Brave Girls Club "Soul Restoration" online camp!  "Oh ya", I thought, what was that?  Well, this package is really nice!  Starting off with a yummy chocolate mint (immediately eaten), to an office recipe (making today), to all the wonderful kit items, as you see in this photo.

Back to the internet to find out more...  The "Soul Restoration" is a 6 week online workshop taught by Melody Ross.  From what I read this is usually taught in actual "in person" camps!  You can read all about it hereI think you can still register for the online class, even today, but you just don't receive a kit, but you can make your own kit, they have a great supply kit list here.

The online course starts tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted how I'm doing.  My objective is to use the creative tools Melody teaches to God's glory in my creative life.  (That has been one of my 2011 themes, in all I do want to glorify and honor God). I know there are a lot of hurting girls out there, either the result of what you've done or of what someone has done to you. Sometimes choices we (or other's make "for or to" us) make have lifelong consequences that we can never erase.  However we don't have to wear the hurt and pain on a chain daily. There is a way to restore your soul, and that is to go straight to the Maker of your life and soul: God.  He is able and wanting to restore souls.  He has already done something for you, and that is when He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross to bear your burden. All you do is accept the Gift.

I was created in God's image!  He is the MASTER Creator, so I don't take it lightly to be created like Him!  To know and understand this tidbit of information is going to make going through the online Brave Girls Camp, "Soul Restoration", a time of refreshing for me. To know "it is well" with my soul is a joy.  I may not always be happy, but I always have joy in my heart.  I am a child of God and anytime I need to restore my soul I go to Him.

Late yesterday afternoon Mark suddenly said, "Grab a coat, grab your camera, get in the Jeep!"  Off to an adventure with Mark.  He drove us out onto the beach to view the sunset on the ocean!  I think I took a hundred photos.  He was hoping we'd get to capture on camera a red-sky sunset, which didn't appear.  But I do love the photos I took, there were so many shades and layers of blues, mixed with the shine of the sunset, it was beautiful.  It reminded me that my soul was well with the my Master Creator.

(Please, please, please click to enlarge and see the full beauty of the sunset!...)

Psalm 49:15 says, "But God will redeem my soul from the power of death, for He will receive me."  My prayer is that you know the power of God through His love.  Blessings, Heidi

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Scrap for Joy said...

Oooo, the kit components look like lots of fun. And the Fudge Bar recipe isn't shabby either. I have read about the Brave Girls's an interesting concept. I will be curious to see what you do in the class. EVERYTHING you do Miss Heidi glorifies God. You are a bloved child of God and an wonderful role model of his love.

Lea said...

Heidi what a wonderful kit that came in your mail and I'm absolutely THRILLED how you're using it and your everything FOR HIS GLORY! WHOOhOOO!

How fun that yourMark and you headed to the beach to take in a beautiful sunset "two-gether." Our God is so awesome and the most amazing Artist/Creator of all.

Love the lyrics you shared: IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!! I have a big dentist appt today and will be humming that song as I drift off into lala land.

I can't wait to come back later and check out your links to the class etc. But most of all to come back here and see what else God gives you through it all.
Love ya HeidiW!!! I'm so happy you won that class!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Heidi!
I find a lot of peace and comfort in your words. The kit looks like it was very well thought out and I love that your mail carrier honks to let you know you have a package!

jenny holiday said...

Heidi!!! Your back!!!!!!!! Hoooray!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey cookie girl,
woo hoo you were so lucky to win.
im so glad you are here.
i missed you , but you already know that.
tee hee
hope you are having a fabulous new year!!!

Anne at Bird/Like said...

Wow,that is so cool! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my silly bird cage, hope to see you again! You've got a great blog, and I'm envious/admiring of your ability to use power tools...