Friday, March 26, 2010

Some news!

 Jessica said "yes" under the Seattle Space Needle last weekend!  Isn't that romantic?  And the ring is georgeous! Craig and Jessica are making plans now, but this I know:  The wedding will be this year and we're having fun planning!

Melissa asked me to make John Mark's birthday cake.  The theme of his pizza party was "Hot Wheels", he loves all things with wheels.  So last week while I was playing cars with him in his bedroom I lined up a row of cars.  I asked him, which FOUR cars do you want on your birthday cake?  He said, "these, on my cheeseburger birthday cake".   How does a four year old get the idea that a cake needs a cheeseburger?  Well, this grandma can make things happen.  (I texted Jessica to bring home a fresh McD's cheeseburger on her way home from work that day...)   

At the pizza parlor John Mark was so excited he never ate anything, just ran around.  But next think you know, he grabbed his cheeseburger and ate it!  This grandma knows her grandkids!

And for the race... Yes, I ran my first race last Saturday.  It was a 5K (little over 3 miles).  I've been running about 4 miles daily so I knew I could do it.  But there were some hills to contend with, other than that--it was a blast!  I came in first in my age division (51-60, I'm 52!), so that was cool! I won't mention my time, but it was not bad for a grandma!
(And, yes, I do need to buy a new size of running capris, these don't fit anymore!)

Yesterday after work a Jessica and some of us girls met up with her to check out a potential wedding location.  Mark was so sweet to watch the kids....his activity was to teach them how to fly!  All kids need to know how to fly!  I just love seeing the smiles on their faces!

Here's some pretty daffodils on my counter to cheer up your day!  I painted the chalkboard paint on a few bottles, 1-2-3, easy as can be!  I love painting with the chalkboard paint!

I painted a little round table for the kids to use...

We've only a few days until  we celebrate "Resurrection Sunday"- Easter, my favorite day, because He Arose-He Lives, which gave me everlasting LIFE when I accepted Him as my Savior!

Last night while the kids were here I asked John Mark to decorate my Easter tree.  John Mark very serious about the job I gave him....

Have a blessed weekend! 

Go out in joy!

          ~Hugs, Heidi


Corey~living and loving said...

So much wonderfully joyous stuff! :)

Cottage Cozy said...

Congratulations to a gorgeous couple...under the Space Needle...oh how fun!

Lea said...

Congratulations Craig and Jessica!!!
whooHoooo Yall have me hummin "isnt it romantic" now! WHAT A BLESSED event this will be !!!!

Love the hamburger birthday cake. When you said he wanted a hamburger on it my mind went to trying to "create" a hamburger. But this Grandmother knew her boy and gave him what he really wanted! LOL HE WANTED A BURGER man!
Congrats Heidi to finishing your race! ;)
I'm so proud of you! Go girl!
Love your chalkboard bottles. I'd have never thought to do bottles. I've seen flowerpots with it on them, but never bottles. How cool is that?
John Mark... is so cute decorating that tree. Looks like he put great thought in it!
Have a joyfilled weekend dear girl!
You're a WINNER!