Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Week

I love spring and there's plenty going on this spring at Sweet Woodruff Acres!  We're pulling pictures and ideas like crazy for Jessica and Craig's wedding.  I'd love to hear any and all wedding ideas you have, from the dress to the ceremony to the reception and more!  Give me links, give me stories, give me ideas!  Thank you!  Jessica is waiting until Melissa finds out a closer due date for her baby, due the end of August or around the first of September.  This will be Kris and Melissa's third child, and we're so excited!  So it looks like we'll have a new baby grandchild and a new son-in-law within maybe a month!  Our family is growing! 
(by our front door)

We've got a lot of projects going on here outside as well.  We had to tear down a failing retaining wall in the garden, and all my raspberry plants have to be moved. 

(Here's a picture of our raspberries from a previous season.) Have you ever shoveled wet dirt?  It's heavy.  But, maybe it's good muscle building for my arms!

I won!  I won!  Yes, I won two blog drawings!  I tell you...there are such generous bloggers out there!  Thank you!  First off, I won Tracy's (My Cup Runneth Over) blog-anniversery drawing. She sent me a purse(pocket)-sized leather bound Bible!  I just love it as I can take it everywhere and anywhere I go.  She also sent the book, "100 Days of Grace for Women".  I love to spend time in the Word and love reading devotionals and study books that point me in the right direction:  to Jesus! Thank you, Tracy!

                             (Photo by Heather Bullard's, on her blog:  You must visit there!)
Then over on Heather Bullard's blog, I won her drawing for jewelry by Cap Creations.  I received the items I selected yesterday.  I picked a cross necklace, a pair of pretty pearl drop earrings and a charm with a musical note. 
(yes, sitting on my musical egg! they should be in my ear lobes!)

I have to tell you...this jewerly is wonderful, very high quality silver, absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you, Cathy of Cap Creations for sending it and thank you Heather for drawing my name! 

And for you to have a chance at a drawing today, check out Faded Praire Junky Birthday Giveaway.

Easter Week:   This is Easter Week, also called Passion Week.  Friday night we'll be remembering how Jesus died on Calvary for our sins.  Huge.  HUGE.  He died for me.  Precious Redeemer.  So this week I've been going through the Bible following Jesus's last week before His death and resurrection.  I've learned so much, and can't believe I've never done this before.  As a guide there is a "Helps" reference at the back of my Bible that shows the last week and the Bible passages from the four gospels and other Bible books that tell the story.  As another reference I'm using the book, "The Last Week" (The Last Week: A Day-by-Day Account of Jesus's Final Week in Jerusalem ).  Every morning I wake up and tell God, "I'm so excited to spend time in the Word and with You, what is my manna for today?"   And every morning He blesses me richly with His everlasting and unfailing love.  Blessed you know Him?

May God bless you this Easter Week.   Hugs, Heidi


mimi said...

Oh my goodness Heidi you certainly do have some wonderful things to look forward to this year!! A WEDDING and a new GRANDBABY!!! How exciting!! Congratulations!!
I too love silver jewelry and the pieces you won are amazing. I hurried on over to Cathy's site and all I can say is WOW. I might just need to treat myself :)
I wish you a Blessed Easter ---being reminded of Christ's love for us.

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Heidi~
I haven't been over for a while and now I want to say "Congratulations" all around. New grandchild on the way, new son-in-law coming into the fold, a big race won for you and a bunch of contests, too. I love the cross-it is so textural. I have one that I wear that I love to touch...a reminder of Christ's sacrifice for us. Wow-such great excitement! I wish you all of the Blessings of our dear Lord and Savior and a Spring filled with lots of flowers and sunshine.
Holy Week is the busiest week of the year for a Pastor's family but when we get to the glorious celebration of Christ's resurrection at the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening and then again on Easter morning, we are filled with renewed energy and strength.

Cap Creations said...

Heidi, I am so happy that you like your jewelry! And thank you so much for posting about it here on your blog! I really appreciate that!

Dandelion and Grey said...

LOVE everything in this post! I'm a huge fan of Heather Bullard! Congrats to you :)

Jennifer said...

Heidi!! So much happening here, so much crafting , and love to go around.Just needed to say hello it's been so long but I'll never forget your kindness when my daughter was ill. all the best to you..Jennifer