Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Young Living Oils Have Changed My Life

Yes, I'm a Young Living member.  Member #10298928 to be precise!  And to keep things simple, here's a direct link for YOU to use if you'd like to bless me by signing up under my number!

Sign up this month and you'll receive a free 15ml bottle of Tangerine oil!
There's that's out there now....

I joined Young Living in October 2016, after my daughter Jessica told me about her ongoing fabulous results from using the Young Living oils and products.  I'd love to share MY story, and it's a good one here, but I choose to share it only in person.  If you're local and want me to share my story and the oils in a class, just ask!

When I talk to people about oils I often have a few products I mention, and they inevitably ask me where they can purchase them.  So here's a link to the a few products and the links to purchase them.  

The foaming soap dispensers:

The Castilee liquid soap (to make your own Thieves foaming hand soap):

A nice carrier oil, almond (to make your own Thieves foaming hand soap):

Roller bottle, to make your own blends:

Glass sprayer bottles, to mix up your Thieves cleanser in:

Set of wood dryer balls (just drop a few drops of oil on and throw in dryer with load of wash!):

Shea butter to make your own essential oil lotion/cream:

Okay, so there's a start for you to begin mixing up oils for daily use, to reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic products in your home!  Tell me what works for you and what you use!


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