Thursday, March 10, 2016

Farmers Market Sign ~ Farm Syle Living
Tuesday nights have always been my favorite night of the week.  Growing up it was my night to do the dishes, which you'd think would make Tuesday nights the most unfavorable night of the week, considering there were 11 people in our family.  Yes, I have 8 siblings!  However, the feeling I always got when I completed washing the dishes (always, always by hand, we never had a dishwasher that I can remember!), was one of complete relief!  I was FREE for another whole week!  Well, unless it was my turn to put the clothes on the clothes line, or fold and put away clothes....that's another story!

So now that I'm all grown up, Tuesday is the only night of the week that I must have the remote in my hand.   It's "Fixer Upper" night on TV!  There's so many reasons I love the show, but the fun Chip and Joanna have as they work together is a powerful testimony for marriage.  WORK TOGETHER and ENJOY, and have fun!  Yep, there's going to be that ONE phone call every week, where an unseen expense comes up and must be paid for by SOMEONE......   But they plow through it, and the fixed up houses shine like stars upon completion! 

Joanna has a unique style when it comes to decorating the home for the big reveal.  I understand the home owners don't get to keep so much of what she displays, but they do get the option to purchase it.  There is often a big gift that Joanna gives the buyers, a table, art creation, or sign, perhaps.  I love her creative spirit in finding just what will blend in with the nature of the new home owner and family.  As far as Joanna's "style", well go search on the Pinterest boards for "Fixer Upper" style.  There's some good blog postings out there on how to create this look in your own home.  One main thing is to GET RID OF ALL YOUR JUNK!  Or, the "things" in your home that just take up space, need dusting, and don't really thrill your soul!  Minimize your "stuff", and maximize the things you love, making those items shine.

Why this show is often considered "farm style", I don't know.  Farm, ranch, country....all those styles really just blend.  Do you have a cow outside your back door?  Do you have horses in your front pasture?  Does your rooster crow at 4 AM?  We've had all that here, and more, but I've never really considered our home "farm style"!  When we first moved here in the country, I named our home, "Sweet Woodruff Acres".  At the time I was making a lot of herb gardens, and one of the herbs I grew was "Sweet Woodruff".  Those plants are long gone, but I stuck with the name. It helped that Woodruff is our last name!  And I love all sweet things!,stats:true/267125627
Since I started watching "Fixer Upper", I thought about changing the name of our home to "Sweet Woodruff Farm".  We do have good memories of those days "farm style" days.   I have milked a cow for our usage, have had freezers full of beef, and nothing beats farm fresh eggs! But we haven't had chickens, cows and other farm animals here for years, so I'll stick with the original name, "Sweet Woodruff Acres."

But one thing for certain, we are a "fixer upper" home, in perpetual fixer upper stage and always have been!  

So for now, I'll just paint farm signs!  

Once last thing, when we bought our place here, it came with a pregnant cow!  Her name was Mabel.  "Ma----bel", the girls would yell.  (It was their chore to feed her after school.)

Hum, I guess we do live on a farm!

Have a blessed day!

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