Sunday, December 29, 2013

French Trugs and Wood Totes

A while back when a friend and I were shopping up in Florence at an antique mall I spotted this tote on display way up on top of a shelf:

I couldn't get down fast enough! Once I had it in my hands I turned it 36o degrees looking for a price tag, without any luck.  I asked the clerk about a price and he said he'd call the seller.  A few minutes later he found me with the {bad} news: "NFS". Yes, the dreaded "not for sale".  Why do sellers taunt us so?  Fast forward to a week before Christmas when I miraculously was able to get Mark to that store to take a look!  I told him "This!  This is what I want!"

Today he cut up some wood and nailed together a rustic version of that tote.  Here's our version make with wood from our old siding:


While he was cutting up that I made another version of a trug. I used some scrap wood; I save everything! The round handle was made from a piece of driftwood we found at Whiskey Run Beach about a year ago!

I'll probably white wash or paint both of these; white, it's my signature color, I guess!

I've been looking up wood totes, tool boxes, trugs, French market trugs, French garden trug and more.  Don't you just love how "French trug" sounds so romantically nostalgic?  I do!

Here's what Google said:
noun: trug; plural noun: trugs; noun: trug basket; plural noun: trug baskets
  1. 1.
    a shallow oblong basket made of strips of wood, traditionally used for carrying garden flowers and produce
Just for fun do a google/online search of "French Market Trug" or something like that, you'll love what you find!
Happy New Year and many blessings to you in 2014,


















  1. 1.
    ying garden flowers and produce.


             Happy New Year and many blessings,


Scrap for Joy said...

You both did a great job on your trugs! I used to love to go to antique places with my Dad. He would carry a tape measure with him and if one of us liked something, he would pull out his tape measure and a small note book...measure and sketch and then be able to reproduce the item. You and Mark are both good at that!
Happy New Year dear friend ,

Bandon, Oregon said...

Oh my Goodness Heidi... I say those words all the time... I've got to make this... or will you make this for me.....LOL When the Country Sampler magazine first came out, a bunch of us gals were taking an adult class in Woodshop down here in Bandon.... and everything an issue came out we would rush into class and show the instructor all the things we were going to make "that night"... only we didn't have a pattern... He really had his work cut out for him those years... I learned a lot... I KNOW the feeling when you saw that basket... Thanks for the memories...


Laura said...

Love how it turned out! You could make those and sell them. . .:)

Lea said...

yall never cease to amaze me!
I love your trugs!!! Heidi you're my creative hero you know that dontchya?