Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finding my Autumn Groove

The title of this post is "Finding My Autumn Groove".  In reality it should be titled, "Looking for my autumn groove!"  Yes, after the events of 2010 so far, I'm now sitting back pondering the question, "Why don't I feel busy?"  I know it's fall, autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving...but I just can't find my groove.  I go in my craft room, turn circles then walk back out.  Possibly I could be working on Christmas crafts and gifts, but can't get into that groove.  I know I could be pulling out my fall decorations, but seriously, I'm still putting away the wedding decorations.  I just today took down a candle holder from the pump house.  (We never even put the candles in, thanks to the rain on the wedding day.)

Maybe I'm not just not over the Big Events and need to post more about them!  First the wedding...

Jessica and Craig's wedding was perfect.  Yes, even the rain let up enough to allow our guests to walk back and forth from the food and candy shack/bar area to the Big White Tent.  A week before the wedding I was finally able to get the 7 day forecast: rain.  My heart sank.  When I told Mark, and he immediately began to pray for good weather.  His has incredible faith.  Even if it rained, he said, it would fine because God is in control.  My faith for good weather was weak, I'll admit.  I immediately called and doubled the size of the tent rental.  Then I went to town and bought 8 umbrellas for the bridesmaids!  (photo by Corey)...See?

A few details....after working on my dress for a few hours of pulling out seams on three layers I threw it in a heap and decided to find a new one.  I had bought a dress that was too small when I purchased it, thinking I could alter it!  After shopping for a new MOB (mother of the bride) dress, and NOT finding anything as nice as the one I bought, I came back home and spent a few more hours on alterations.  It was fine, see?

The little flower girl dresses were so darling on the girls.  See? (this is Ellie...)

Remember the plastic bags I preapred for kettle-corn popcorn to give out after the wedding, as a snack to eat as they drove out to the reception?  Well, Mark said, "who is going to clean up all that popcorn they thow at Craig and Jessica?"   LOL I quickly changed plans and asked my Aunt Wanda to help me make 125 Snickerdoodle cookies!  Yum, were they ever good!  See?

The two flower pots I painted and stained were filled with pink mums...lovely. See?

The music I used to line the wedding invitations was sort of the theme I used for the reception table napkins.  My  mom helped me rip sheet music from the book, "My Fair Lady", and we wrapped the napkins with that.  My  mom kept taking the music to the piano to play!  I actually had several piano players say they too took their envelopes to their pianos to play!  A fun detail.  If I had more time (famous last words) I would have warped the music around all the short votive candles on the tables.  Jessica wanted a vintage, romantic and evening wedding.  It was perfect! See?

My friend Corey was our photographer.  She blessed us so by saying "yes" to this job.  She. Was. Perfect. My prayer for her is that on her daughter's wedding day (a very, very long time from now!) that she has a photographer that is so tender with her daughter.  You just must see her "First Look" photos on her blog, it may bring tears to your eyes.   See?
When I have more photos and am able to share them,  I will post more photos from the wedding.  Until then, I'll be making cookies with my grandchildren, and trying to find my autumn groove.

Hugs and blessings, Heidi

(some photos on this post are courtesy of Corey, "Life Unwrapped Photography")


Scrap for Joy said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Heidi...always love to see your shining smile. I love your new profile picture there on the right.
Your groove will come just need to still bask in the glow of the wedding festivities and that new grand!
Have a joyful weekend!

mimi said...

Oh Heidi these are the most lovely pictures. Jessica is absolutly beautiful. She looks so happy, so full of joy, glowing :) Such a wonderful idea--first look--photos. Surely a treasure that they will cherish forever. You look beautiful as well--the perfect mother of the bride. Did your friend take that new profile picture? I love it. You looks so happy.
I hope you have a happy weekend and that you find your groove.

Corey~living and loving said...

awwwwwww.... great post. so fun to hear about it all from your perspective. :) the reception was amazing. all your hard work paid off. Stunning!

Lea said...

Heidi, thankyou for sharing more pictures with us. I have to tell you that you are a beautiful beautiful mother of the bride and your dress was beautiful!!

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful weekend and unwinding abit. All the rest will come..........
You're loved girl!

Amy said...

You put so much love and care into the details of the wedding and it looks like it was just wonderful! But I am not surprised you may be feeling a little burnout after all the activity.

Love all the photos. And, by the way, that photo of you in the upper right corner of your blog is FABULOUS!!!!

Crafting by Candlelight

Lady Kay's Kitchen said...

Aunt Heidi the wedding was so beautiful! I enjoyed reading about it here and also looking at the pictures on a CD Steph sent me. I wish I could have been there!